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Over Easy Breakfast
824 Edmonton Trail Northeast
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With such a strong diner scene in Calgary, Sarah and I knew we’d have plenty of choices for our Saturday breakfast. With familiar and classic options like Deluxe, Galaxie and Dairy Lane, I was excited to hear about both AKA Bistro and Over Easy from Andree in Calgary.

Located a block or so north of Diner Deluxe, Over Easy is quite a contrast to the square building in which it sits. The interior is both beautiful and open, with a large table down the center (I love communal tables). A mix of smaller 2 and 4 seat tables are also available around the outside. Arriving early to beat the rush, we were only the forth table in.

We were greeted warmly and ordered coffee to wake up the body while we looked over the menu. A pretty standard mix of breakfast items; from pancakes and eggs to a Mexican style breakfast wrap. I thought it was cute that the child’s menu gave a weight, rather than age, as the discerning factor. I should say at this point, the gentleman located next to us proceeded to lose his common sense when I pulled my camera out, but I’ll get back to that later**.

With a quick refill of coffee, Sarah went ahead and ordered the 1 Egg, Any Style. What arrived was a simple, but delicious looking plate (no greasy spoon here). The eggs were cooked over easy (cue drums), while the whole wheat toast and fruit garnish made for a tasty backdrop. I love that both plates came with a single slice of toast, which helps curb the massive amount of overeating a standard diner breakfast allows.

I ordered the Uova alla Toscana, which utilized a slice of rye toast as a base for tiny oven roasted tomatoes, two soft poached eggs and smoked prosciutto. The eggs, which oozed the most gorgeous deep natural yellow, were perfectly cooked and soaked into the bread nicely. The ham added a bit of saltiness to the party, but it was the tomatoes that stole the show. The slow roasted globes gave everything that oven olive oil flavour. While they were amazing, the strong presence actually started to take away from the rest of the dish. Too much of a good thing maybe? The fruit garnish and sliced tomatoes were a refreshing change (I subbed out the hash browns).

I highly suggest stopping in at Over Easy if you are in Calgary. The atmosphere, staff and food were all excellent for a Saturday morning, which is all the more reason to come back. If it wasn’t for the rain cloud over our meal, I think this may have been one of the most enjoyable places Sarah and I have ever eaten breakfast.

**Now back to Mister Crabby Pants. After seeing me snap a few pictures of the interior, he erupted in what amounted to an attack full of reckless accusations. Everything from it’s illegal to take pictures, to stealing the ideas of this diner for my own establishment/profit. I remained quite calm through the process, and after a few solid minutes of ranting, he eventually went back to eating his breakfast while his wife looked on in horror. Thinking it was over, I was proven wrong when the gentleman went too pay his bill. In the small diner, it was clear enough to hear and see that he felt the need to complain to the staff about my pictures. It was during this time when his wife engaged us again, apologizing profusely until her husband came back. It was a nice gesture, but the bad vibes had already affected the meal.

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