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Montreal Bagels
103-8408 Elbow Drive Southwest
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With my recent bagel throwdown, you might have guessed I love these carb loaded delights. While the standard store bought variety, or for that matter, Western Canadian variety, is totally edible, there is nothing like bagels from my childhood. So when I heard about Montreal Bagels in Calgary, and it’s owner who apparently worked for St. Viateur, I knew it would be on the list of places to go.

The shop is very basic, just like the menu. A few tables are available for those waiting, or for those who choose to eat a bagel in house. The list of bagel options includes poppy seed (black-seed), sesame seed (white-seed), plain and multi-grain. No onion, cinnamon raisin or everything bagel here. In fact, these aren’t the pretty bagels you might be used to, so keep looking if you want that. With a steady flow of bagels in the oven at any given time, Sarah I walked in to find no poppy seed or multi-grain (not that I was getting any) available. Saying they would throw some in, Sarah and I went for a walk in the near by neighbourhood.

Coming back, my bagels were almost done baking and with the owner offering us samples, I dug in and decided to take home 6 dozen. That’s right folks 72 bagels for the homestead; 36 white and 36 black. It’s amazing that any of the warm delicious bagels made it home, as Sarah and I started to eat them as soon as we walked out the building. Have you ever had so many bagels in your car…all we wanted to do was eat on the drive home.

Whether they are as good as the ones I remember from out east or not, I know these are fantastic. Boiled in honey water and fired in a wood oven makes these so damn close that every time I eat one it brings me back. It’s been a good week eating these! The kind owner-operator, mentioned that if I call ahead, he can have as many ready as I’d like, and this is definitely something I’ll take him up on. I just hope that Calgarians know what kind of gem they have in Montreal bagels.

9 thoughts on “Montreal Bagels – Calgary, Alberta

  1. There used to be a Montreal-style bagel place in the Eau Claire market in #yyc — is this one connected? I once bought 12 dozen sesame seed bagels there and you’re right, the scent of fresh bagels in a closed car is intoxicating. I also struggle not to consume every loaf I buy at the Bear’s Paw Bakery in Jasper before we get home!
    Thanks for the post.

    • I’m pretty sure that the ones from Eau Claire were made by Wayne’s Bagels, which is still around in Calgary (avaialable at the CFM). 12 dozen you say..looks like I’m going to have to step things up with my next order Kerry.

      I’ll keep Bear’s Paw in mind next time I stop in Jasper.

  2. Those look really good and made fresh, I bet they were awesome. It is kinda funny to think you are noshing on some of the 72 bagels in your car. “Hole-y” that is a LOT of bagels 🙂

    • They were so good Maki. I think we attacked them with so much excitment that I could have easily caught my fist in my mouth. Hole-Y Indeed!!!

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