Whole Wheat Bread – Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge #41

With so many posts from my one-day tour de Calgary, I figured it was time for a quick interlude of bread, and I must say it’s a gooder. That’s right, bread 41 in the BBA Challenge is Whole Wheat. I love the grainy stuff. I didn’t always, but I do know. Raised on homemade white bread and eventually massive Texas style sandwiches, I’ve eaten my fair share of striped down bread. Things are different now and with a fairly large collection of whole grain recipes and books (including Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain Breads), I was excited to tackle this version of whole wheat bread.

I imagine that much of the Whole Grain book (fantastic whole wheat pizza dough by the way) was developed during the making of the Bread Baker’s Apprentice, so it’s no surprise to see the standard soaking of heavier grains required. With 3.5 ozs of grains required for the soaker, and some freedom in what to include, I decided to go with oatmeal, oat bran, and very coarse rye flour.

I think this is a great recipe for those who want to branch into whole grains. It’s not laden with seeds or bark or twigs, so you won’t be able to shun it for that matter. The interior is so soft and light that it’s definitely not the heavy brick like bread you may be afraid of. It’s also strong enough to make a good sandwich, but I think it shines as toast with a thick layer of peanut butter. I might just have to put it in a head to head with my regular whole wheat from Laurel’s and compare the results.