The Week That Was And Is – April 14th, 2010

The weekly updates have been falling by the wayside with all of my travel posts, but I thought I would put together a few interesting tidbits to try and keep some routine.

  • With tickets going on sale soon, you’ll have plenty of time before June 14th to wrangle up the $50 it will cost to sample the night at away at Slow Food Edmonton’s Indulgence A Canadian Epic of Food and Wine. Last year was outstanding, (here), and I can only imagine things will be the same. Call the Junior League for tickets – 780-433-9739.
  • I don’t know much about raising chickens, but with my love for understanding old school basics in life, you better believe if I had the space I put a few up in the backyard. City chickens!
  • This article from the NYT, about taking a picture before you eat is making its rounds, and you know it hits close to home when your father sends you a link saying, ‘this made me think of you’. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t bore you all with my everyday photos  🙂
  • Did you catch the first couple of episodes of The Best Thing I Ever Ate. For whatever reason, I actually thought this might be interesting, but to my dismay, it’s actually broken down each week by a topic; fried, with bacon, BBQ etc. They should rename the show to Best Fish I Ate, Best Chocolate Bar..not best thing ever!!!
  • With all the hoopla, and build up to the KFC Double Down, I’m going to come out and say I’m sad we won’t be recieving this treat here in Canada. Have a gander at the Double Down Commercial, and tell me you aren’t just a little curious.
  • Have a few spare minutes in your busy day; take a gander at Shut Up Foodies.
  • Not a fondue man myself, I was blown away by the marathon dinner that Sharon took part in at the recently opened Melting Pot restaurant. Makes me think we need another food gathering.
  • Sarah and I stopped by Orange Hall on the weekend for a quick rummage around the Craft Sale. I didn’t see anything super exciting, but there were a few neat ideas.

  • The new Starbucks in WEM is open. The staff seemed to be a bit overwhelmed when I stopped in, and the supplies (cream, milk etc..) were nowhere to be found.

  • It took the better part of 1 1/2 years, but I’d like to introduce you to Eriboll. Thanks to Belua Designs for keeping the search interesting, and for making such amazing little monsters.

  • Making, what seems like a weekly stop now, I dropped in on Todd at Old Country Meat & Deli last weekend for more treats. Picking up, what I can say without a doubt, is the best Cornish Pasty in town, made for a tasty meal. A light pastry was wrapped around a wonderful filling that took up every mm of available space. As well, Todd’s been working on Double Smoked Applewood Bacon. Mentioning that the bacon has a hint of sweetness, Sarah and I cooked up and devoured the entire package of bacon in record time. Seriously addictive, this bacon was amazing!

  • I started messing around with different pans for my bread this weekend, and it confirmed a few of my thoughts about getting a softer or harder crumb.

  • I’m not sure where I’ve left you with regards to the No Reservations updates, but Tony returned to France (so-so episode), Vietnam (his favourite place in the world) and took part in a another special (culinary basics). Nothing tops the Brittany episode in France, so while the Provence visit was nice, it just didn’t pull the same feelings. Tony seemed to come at the latest Vietnam episode with a different angle, which was no surprise with his love of the food already  well documented. And finally, last weeks’ Techniques special, was good for those who don’t read, learn, watch and scour the internet like many foodies, but provided almost nothing new…Have you had a chance to check out Food Wars?

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  1. Aw, Eriboll is a cutie! We’re still looking for Netty’s companion, but haven’t found her yet. One day!

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