The Keg Steakhouse & Bar – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar
1110 Grosvenor Avenue
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With Sarah’s father living in Saskatoon, we took the opportunity to get together during our concert road trip. Having never met Mr T, but like so many other initial encounters, my first face-to-face was going to happen over supper. With her father enjoying The Keg more than the average person, it narrowed the selection down without too much discussion. So after a day of travel, and some lovely ‘Toon town picture taking, we arrived early and settled in.

Having a few minutes to take in The Keg, it’s pretty much like all others; dark and intimate. So dark in fact that it took a few minutes to adjust our eyes. The restaurant was empty (not getting more than half full the entire time) when we arrived at 5. I quite enjoyed the themed artwork, and being that we were on a musical road trip, it seemed fitting.

Generic Bread...At least It's Warm

I’ll spare you the details on the family side of things, and let you know we skipped over the appetizers (which were being heavily sold by the staff) and jumped into the menu. Mr. T ordered a filet mignon (medium rare) which came with frizzled onions (breaded and fried), and his choice of potato (baked). Arriving well undercooked, something I was surprised about, he mentioned the meal was decent and the fried onions were surprisingly good.

Sarah went the poultry route and ended up ordering the chicken with roasted red peppers and goat cheese. I think any time she see’s goat cheese, it’s automatically the right call. Goat cheese on steak, goat cheese stuffed fish, goat cheese salad, waffles n’ goat name it. The dish arrived with a pile of rice, and token sautéed veg. Everything seemed to go over well, but I dare say the roasted peppers looked very jar like.

Not wanting to go balls deep (er..make that elbow deep) in crab shells, I skipped past the crab feature menu in hopes of making a cleaner first impression. I decided to go with the Ahi Tuna, which the menu said came with rice. With the waiter asking how I’d like my potatoe, I subbed it out for a side of vegetables. I mean, who wants rice & potato? With no problems, I was surprised to see my dish arrive with no rice at all, and instead a mound of vegetables. Apparently, even though the menu says rice, the potato option was instead of rice. *shrug* Anyways, the veg was good and that’s where it ends. The fish was terrible, and quite possibly the worst piece of ahi around. Arriving totally cold, the interior was not the common bright red (more drab purple), and required a fair amount of chewing. This was not the piece of fish I so hoped it would be.

All things aside this meal was about other things, so I wasn’t too picky. Having never ordered seafood at the keg, I might stay away next time I’m tempted, and with their chicken and steak options above par why not. I also like the slightly upscale atmosphere created by The Keg, something I think restaurants like Moxie’s strive for.

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  1. I feel for you. I remember my own encounter with tuna-aversion by Saskatchewan cooks. Regina’s Neojaponica (which I believe is no more) offered seared tuna in the early 2000s. The fish came devoid of any rareness (contrary to the menu’s promise). When I raised my objection, the server proclaimed that it was fine because the chef knew what he was doing. Yup, I never went back. My unpleasant memory lingered: I wrote to the place. Alas, no reply.

    • It’s funny how some places will jump hoops to ensure you are happy, while others, like you mentioned, won’t even reply. If only the ‘chef knew what he was doing’, we wouldn’t have these wonderful ‘Toon town memories! 🙂

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