Jerry’s Food Emporium – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Jerry’s Food Emporium
1115 Grosvenor Avenue
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Asking Mr.T for breakfast suggestions in Saskatoon, he gave us a few options. One of them, Jerry’s Food Emporium, was across the street from The Keg, where we dined for supper. With a relatively striking exterior in a town of average demeanor, we decided to take the plunge.

Walking in, we were happy to the see the interior followed along the same lines. It was then we learned Jerry’s was made over by Meredith Heron from the Food Network’s hit TV show Restaurant Makeover. Seems this small town shop that opened in February of 1997, by Jerry Kristian and Elyse Cullen, needed a pick me and it looks fantastic. I wonder what it looked liked before….

While the giant menu boards talk about freshly battered cod, hand cut fries and fresh burgers, the breakfast menu is pretty basic; bacon and eggs, omelets, “bowls”, and toast. Sarah and I were apparently on the same page this morning, as we both blurted out an order of eggs with ham. Sarah opted for over easy eggs and multi-grain brad, while I went for poached eggs and whole wheat. The plates also came with hash browns.

A quick tour of the place left me with a Fuddruckers vibe. Directly across from the till lies a self serve counter with everything from coffee and pop, to ketchup and maple syrup. There was also a “Water Station” located near the bathrooms with the requisite blue plastic cups. As we sat and waited for our names to be called, I couldn’t help notice the gray hairs. Nothing wrong with this of course, but I guess it took a minute to realize we were the youngest people in the restaurant by a good 30-35 years. In fact a table of 10 beside us ordered 10 plates of toast. That’s it. How awesome is that!

With our names called out over the PA system, we picked up our tray. After looking at my eggs, it was quite obvious they were not poached, and I was told they baste their eggs when people ask for poached. So in essence, they put them on the flat top like all the other eggs and then give a squirt of water before covering with a lid. Both our eggs were at least cooked nicely, with mine soft as per the order. We both found the toast surprisingly light, for whole grain breads, and while the interior was the soft like wonder bread it tasted decent enough. The potatoes were a mix, with some being hard in the center and others properly cooked. The ham was grilled on one side only, and might have just been the best part of the meal. Although we did get a side of mustard to dip it into.

"Poached Eggs", Ham, Hashbrowns & Whole Wheat Toast

Over Easy Eggs, Ham, Hashbrowns & Multi-Grain Toast

From the sounds of things Jerry’s put a lot of working into creating an above average neighbourhood diner. During the renovation, professional baker Mario Fortin – who was coach of the Canadian National Bakery Team at the 2004 and 2007 Bakery World Cup in Paris – consulted the owners on their baked goods, while Jerry’s expanded their gelato market creating the now trademarked Gelatte. It’s this kind of dedication to a product that should help the restaurant stay open for years to come, and even though the food was amazing, it’s a place I’d visit again if I was passing through. Now if only I could grow hair, I’d have to dye it gray!

6 thoughts on “Jerry’s Food Emporium – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  1. I’ve never been to Jerry’s for anything other than ice cream, but getting ice cream from Jerry’s is a must. I haven’t been there since the remodel but the old Jerry’s wasn’t really dated, but it had a sort of mom and pop diner feel to it, but from the pictures I would say the upgrade was a good move.

  2. This evening I took my family for desert to an establishment I realized was busy. We can deal with that. I took my son to the washroom, which honestly Jerry’s bathrooms are never the cleanest to begin with. Upon entry, we were met by a disgusting waft of fecal matter and urine, fecal matter smeared on the floor and all over a toilet seat, paper towel in the other, and the overwhelming smell of urine was ridiculous. Clearly any routine cleanliness inspections had not been done. Wait it gets better…a staff member arrives, maybe this is a routine checkup…or perhaps another customer complained. His response to the disgusting situation: hold the button on the air freshener spray to relieve the smell – for literally three minutes (I still have the test in my mouth as I type this), and wipe off the soaking wet counter top. Okay, at least it would smell better, and the countertop dry, but he was also wearing a cooking apron. One can’t help but wonder – might he have been preparing food? Let’s hope not. Even if he was a dishwasher, a cooking apron in the bathroom? And after he is going back to potentially wash and collect dishes with that dirty apron. How disgusting!
    We could not leave your facility fast enough.
    I do not expect an apology, or a refund. Our family has literally been scared from ever using their services again. My experience was horrible, and will never happen again.

    • Thanks for stopping by, but I have to say you might want to have a look at the blog as I’m not based out of Saskatoon. 🙂

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