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Milestones Grill & Bar
1708 99 Street
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Wednesday jut happened to be Administrative Professionals Day, and as such, a few people at work decided we should treat ourselves to lunch. With only a handful of remotely average, diner style options available in Nisku, the group decided to venture north to South Common. Looking to me for suggestions, I listed off everything I could think of, and the vote eventually went to Milestones Bar & Grill.

Taking a few extra minutes to run home and grab my camera, Clonde Sirena, GR, and Regina Felangi were already seated by the time I walked into Milestones. A quick look around, and I wondered if we lucked out with our meal, or the low number of lunch customers was common. I settled in and tried to catch up on the menu talk while I waited for my beverage. First dish to the table was Clonde Sirena’s Butternut Squash Ravioli. She mentioned that the dish was quite good, with the spicy sauce working nicely with the sweetness from the candied walnuts. The portion size was also brought up in the plus category.

Regina was next to receive her food, which was Grilled Chicken Penne Asiago. There didn’t seem to be anything special with the dish, and Regina declared, ‘there are plenty of versions found elsewhere that are better’. Both Clonde and Regina, mentioned that the garlic foccacia bread was dry and rather sub-par.

GR’s dish was brought out by the manager while I was taking a picture of the penne, and after delivering the plate, it was immediately removed. What we can gather from the brief look, was that the 4 Cheese Hamburger was accompanied by a ‘standard’ serving of fries. After the plate returned however, it was heaping with sweet potato fries. The burger was a hit, with the copious amounts of cheese a plus in GR’s mind. The fries were soggy, but worked well with the spicy mayo.

I was all set to order the Coho Salmon dish, but as I closed the menu I noticed the monthly specials which included a Seafood Pan Roast. What arrived was a pile of rice, surrounded by 4 mussels, 2 scallops, 3 shrimp, baby bok choy, and topped with a piece of salmon. The shrimp and scallops were cooked perfectly, which is always a nice treat. The mussels were so tiny you could probably put 100 in your mouth, which made me wonder where they found such pathetic mollusks. The salmon was cooked past the point I like my fish, but wasn’t terrible. The tomato sauce worked well with the steamed bok choy, which retained just the right amount of bite. The ‘scented’ rice was pretty average and I wasn’t able to pick up what they were trying to create. I have to say, while the plate wasn’t perfect, they did a pretty damn good job. Especially for something that’s on special. I would easily recommend this dish, but the consistency with seafood can be so poor that you might not get even close to the version I got…cause really, a minute or two extra and the seafood goes from sweet and succulent to dry and tough.

The offer of dessert was too sweet for my counterparts to pass on, and the dessert menu was quickly read aloud. All three decided on the Caramel Gingered Apple Crisp. Our server, who clearly was rushing when our desert order was placed, promptly returned with only one dessert. Eventually though, Clonde, Regina, and GR were all staring down a plate of warm apple goodness. I think it’s fair to say with all three ordering this dessert, it was a hit.

I’m sure Milestones, like it’s South Edmonton Common counterparts (Earls, Joey’s, etc..) has good and bad days, but for this meal, I’m glad it was the place we decided to visit. Although, I could have done without the sarcastic remarks about my picture taking by the manager….for shame!

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  1. Hello Chris,

    Regina Felangi here. I am extremely glad that I was able to lunch with you. When the group discussed where to celebrate our Administrative Professional Day, I was at first disappointed that were going to Milestone being that I am such a fan of Joey’s Grill for lunch but was somewhat entertained by the Manager’s nervousness of your picture taking. You must have great fun with this aspect of your dining experiences. I would like to say that in my opinion the meal was average with the exception of the desert. Nummy!!! Regina likey! Hope to do dine with you again soon.

    • I’m glad we were able to get away and have such an enjoyable lunch. Too the future Regina, and all of its delicious meals.

  2. OPM isn’t bad if you’re stuck in South Common. The Sicilian Pasta Kitchen up the street will do in a pinch too.

  3. Just so you know, the butternut squash ravioli is completely vegetarian and therefore, no sausage = )

  4. o…hahah…I read sausage instead of sauce! My apologies. And yes, we have an italian sausage ravioli as well which I prefer.

  5. Ok. I gotta go there. I always thought butternut squash was a bit “phalic” looking. Love how Edwina read sausage 🙂 I think Milestone’s should serve Butternut squash and sausauge ravioli’s as a Valentine menu special! HA!

    Man, I’m out of the loop. I actually had NO idea we had a Milestone’s in Edmonton! I used to enjoy the Milestone’s on English Bay when I lived in Vancouver. I’ve always enjoyed the food.

    Regina Felangi. Love it! I’ve used that name a couple of times too. But, I don’t recognize Clonde Sirena, is she one of the “Friends” too?

  6. Hi Chris,

    we just got back from a trip to Vancouver Usland and had a chance to check out the Milestones in Kamloops. I must admit, both my husband and I quite enjoyed our meals – I had the Prime Rib (the au jus was *very* good) and my hubby had the mondo burger. Granted, not the most exciting items on the menu, but still quite tasty. And the chocolate cake – yum!! 🙂

    I didn’t even know there was a Milestones in Edmonton until our waitress informed us of this fact. As far as bar and grill-type restaurants go (or grill and bar, as they like to refer to themselves as), there are definitely much worse *cough*Earl’s*cough* in the local market, imho… 🙂

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