Roasted Chicken

It was one of those days yesterday. You know the ones where you go to the grocery store for one thing, and come home with another. Lucky for me and my belly, that random inspiration gave me a whole chicken. And, after watching a recent video of Thomas Keller (of The French Laundry), create his simple roasted chicken, I knew what to do when I got home.

I left the bird to come up to room temperature, while I preheated the oven to 425. Don’t forget this step, because if you put a 3-4 pound cold chicken in the oven, your ambient temperature is going to drop drastically and affect your overall cooking time. Thomas Keller prepares his bird in a very simple manner, but makes one adjustment I’d never heard of. By removing the wish bone before tying, you’ll apparently be able to remove the entire breast section with ease. Liberally sprinkling the inside of the bird with salt & pepper is step two. Tying the bird up nice and tight is step three, and a final sprinkle of salt, pepper & thyme is step four. No additional fats are needed before you place Mr.Cluck on a pan and tuck him into your hot box. Depending on the size of the bird, it can take anywhere from 40-60 minutes.

The results were fantastic. My 1.7kg bird took about an hour, and came out with a perfect crispy exterior. After letting things cool down, I wanted to test TK’s wishbone theory, and attacked the breast. It came off with ease, and the same can be said for the legs and wings. I’d love to say it went perfectly in a sandwich, or salad, but I don’t know…see, I sat and ate my way through the entire bird. *looks awakwardly into the distance*

P.S. Season, roast, eat. So Simple. Go roast a chicken.

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  1. Though we all love the convenience of buying a ready roasted bird at Safeway or Costco, NOTHING beats the experience of prepping one yourself.

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