Transcend Coffee aka T2 – Edmonton, Alberta

Transcend Coffee (Garneau)
8708 109 Street
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With the new Transcend location finally opening its doors. I took a few minutes on Saturday morning, and made my way over for a coffee. Absolutely packed when Sarah and I walked in, we had plenty of time to take in the space.

I’m almost certain it goes without saying that everyone will be glad they didn’t cover the classic brick walls with anything more than a few prints. The seating is a mix of benches and uncomfortable IKEA style plastic chairs. I’m sure this will help though, by keeping customers from wanting to linger.

The line moved along at a good pace (even with most of the coworkers gabbing), and soon enough a table had cleared. A few minutes was all it took before my name was called, and we eased into our drinks; an espresso for myself, and a cup of clover brewed coffee for Sarah. The results were good. I can’t say I enjoyed my beverage any more than the version at Da Capo next door, but I know it’ll be nice to have another spot in the city.

And if Da Capo is known for yuppies and pedal pushers, Transcend is certainly (it seems), going to be known for yuppies and hipsters.

6 thoughts on “Transcend Coffee aka T2 – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. We stopped by Transcend on Friday afternoon and had similar thoughts. The staff were involved in their own conversations when we were in line too, and there were others behind us waiting. It seemed more important that they finish them than serve customers. I think we’ll likely continue heading to Da Capo for the service aspect of things… and great espresso.

    • Thanks for the info Nate. I mentioned IKEA, because after working for the European furnishing store for the better part of a decade, and spending plenty of time selling and sitting in their modern styled chairs, it was the first thought that popped into my head.

  2. Maybe they should have bought their chairs at The Brick. Ugly oversized burgundy leather armchairs with ottomans really do it for me. Not only are the eames chairs classic but they are actually very comfortable.

    • Just like coffee; different strokes for different folks Andrew. Realizing that what you may like, I may not, is what makes the world a better place. Please consider that when you are leaving messages as your sarcasm is unnecessary.

  3. I have issues with chairs in general, in particular Herman Miller’s Aeron, which have owned and hated. However, the Eames chairs in Transcend are fantastic. I’m considering getting one as my programming chair at work. Oh, and the coffee’s not half bad too!

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