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Duchess Bake Shop
10720 124 St
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I’m pretty sure the timing of this post, and my visit for that matter, makes me one of the worst food bloggers around. But, with so much initial hype surrounding this bake shop, and a visit by what seems like every single Edmonton blogger, I just let it go by the wayside. Finally though..

I’m not sure if it was a recent talk with fellow food blogger, Maki, or a re-hashing of hype in the twitter world (spurred on by a recent Macaron throw-down), that pushed me over the edge, but I did think it would be the perfect gift for a BBQ I was attending. Walking into a busy shop, I took a few moments to look around. Very clean, with a old school feel (down to the attire by the staff), the counters are loaded with cookies, pies, tarts, cakes, and more.

Of course, I was here for one thing, and one thing only, and in their own words;

One of our signature items, the macaron (not to be confused with the English macaroon) consists of a very flavourful filling sandwiched between two delicate almond flour meringue cookies. Its simple appearance belies the tremendous complexity of flavour and textures that characterize it. We are constantly working on new flavours and combinations so drop by to see what’s new.

What surprised me the most (besides the price), was how small these treats are. As you can see, they easily fit within the screen of my blackberry pearl. This of course means that a handful of them could probably do some serious damage to your behind. I decided to get two of each kind for my friendly hosts, as I figured that way there would be no flipping of coins to determine who gets what.

The macaron’s went over extremely well, and I’m glad I showed up early before other BBQ guests had arrived, as I’m certain they would have disappeared before the host duo would have had a chance to relax and chow down. So while I can’t say much about the products, I have a feeling I’ll be back one day, I’m just not much of a sweets guy..so it could be later than sooner.

7 thoughts on “Duchess Bake Shop – Edmonton, Alberta

    • For whatever reason, I thought the size to cost ratio was high. That’s all..but then again, I don’t have a history with macaron’s so I have nothing to base it on.

  1. Laura, is there something else you found more to your liking there?

    Thanks for the tip Kelley. A little too far for a quick coffee fix (especially with two Transcend locations on the south side now), but I’ll try and sample next time I’m down.

  2. Since it’s so near to the Grant Mac Arts Campus I used to go there all the time to study and catch up with friends. I adore their ginger tea and their lemon cream tart is absolutely amazing.

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