Time For Rest

Yesterday was a rough day. Half way into my breakfast, I started to choke, and things got real scary. With almost no ability to breathe, I was whisked off to the emergency room where I stayed for most of the day. Eventually, after hours of drooling and surviving on painful gasps of air, I was put under and they went at the food jammed in my throat with a ‘scope’ and some tools. I even had to wear a plastic mouth guard so I wouldn’t bite down on the tubes. Why am I telling you this, well… my throat is messed up right now. I’m not going to be enjoying delicious solid food for the better part of a week. So while I can always hope some of you would find a week of jello and ice cream related blog posts, good reading, I’ll spare everyone the details. Peace out.

*Photo props go to Sarah, who’s always looking through her lens.

20 thoughts on “Time For Rest

  1. ^^ Wow, that doesn’t sound good, sorry to hear (or read, rather) this!! I hope you’ll feel better very soon. Let me know if you need some soup, I’m the queen of soup 😉 Take care!!

  2. Wow…. Not sure if it does not get too personal, but can we know what was that you were eating that caused this?

    Anyway, hope you get better soon!

  3. Thank you for the kind words everyone. It was easily one of the scariest ways to injure myself…and one I hope to never replicate again.

  4. Hey Chris, real crappy way to get the day off work!!! I hope you feel better soon. See you soon.

  5. I am so sorry to hear that! That must be the scariest feeling in the world at the time. Hope you’ll be back on the solid foods very soon! Get well.

  6. Take care of yourself and I hope you’re feeling better soon. The sun is shining today…I hope that cheers you up.

  7. OMG CHRIS!!!

    I’ve been really ill this week and am catching up today on the blogs. Take care buddy. Glad you fought to stay on this side!!!

  8. OMFG… Take care buddy. That is indeed some scary news. I never hope to read anything like this again. Remember, we’re supposed to meet up for some eats someday!

  9. Take care Chris in the mean time enjoy the simple things in life and now you know my favourite phrase which is “breathing…it’s not optional

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