Book Club Meal

So, I’ve pulled myself off the bed and put my body back in the saddle. I’m not eating anything crunchy yet (think crusty bread and corn pops), but after a few days, and 3 watermelons, almost anything with texture tastes amazing. Rewind to last night, which happened to be Sarah’s night to host Book Club, and she asked me to help put together a meal. Sarah knows me too well, because even though I wouldn’t be around for this monthly gathering, I love food so much that putting together a platter of meats, cheeses, bread, and vegetables was what I needed after my near death experience.

Most of the meal was put together at the south side Italian Centre; dry cured capicola, prosciutto, smoked gouda, bocconcini, bruschetta, olives (fiesta mix), garlic loaf, chocolate brownies, strawberry cake, and cranberry cookies. With everything else gathered from Safeway; fresh baguette (IC was out), hot genoa salami, veggies, and bubbly water.

While I did sneak a piece of most things (don’t tell Sarah) during the assembly, I probably can’t “confirm” for certainty how good it was. From the sounds of things today, the ladies did a number and enjoyed the entire spread. Although the broccoli somehow missed the flavour party. Even without getting to be a part of the eating, I’m glad that Sarah and I took the time to make a fun and gorgeous offering of food together. And the success is more than reason to do it again…or maybe the fact that we could include a bajillion types of meats and cheeses!

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  1. Thanks everyone. I kept asking, ‘Does it matter that I haven’t read the book. I’ll just hang out by the food like a wallflower. You won’t even know I’m here’.

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