Glazed Bacon Burger

Feeling the need to create another food monster, I’m proud to bring you my first video. All the material was shot on DSLR’s with Sarah using her mad editing skills to put it all together. The whole video concept is something I’ve been contemplating for some time, so let me know what you think, because I’m hoping to bring you more features like this in the future.

Write up to come later.

*Music – Modern Times by The Black Keys

19 thoughts on “Glazed Bacon Burger

  1. Love the video concept! Nice work- keep them coming! Two of my favorite things- honey glazed donuts and a bacon cheeseburger…not so sure about putting them together,yikes! Tell us how was it?

  2. Oh dude, I was screaming at the video, “Don’t do it! Don’t do it!”. This takes food porn to a whole new level. Great video. Great concept. I’m sharing it with everyone I know.

  3. Man, that’s an epic fail… You should have ordered the triple baconator instead of the single one! 😀

    Nah, seriously now, that video is great. Nice use of the D90 and the music fit well with the video itself. However, the question is… How many calories? ^_^;;;

  4. Thanks for the positive comments everyone. It was really fun to put a video together, so I’m glad it’s going over well.

  5. Dude that’s pretty darn funny, and likely going to get you some attention. I’m a fan of the video-blog, but don’t envy the editing burden [I’ve done my share].

  6. Not so keen on the baconator but the production and music are wonderful would love to see more of this !!

  7. Chris, you have just discovered the reason why Wendy’s and Tim Hortons are combined. After all these years, it’s finally clear to me!!!


    ps-good work by the video slave.

  8. Great video! And while I love your yummy-food-combo choices, any chance of healthier options in the future?

    • Thanks for the comment Lisa. Are you thinking healthier options with regards to fast food, or just homemade creations, as I’d be more than willing to eat and film both.

  9. Great video! It was a train wreck…just could not stop watching!

    I couldn’t resist but look up the nutritional information so here it is:

    To summarize:
    1060 calories
    70g fat
    1370mg sodium

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  11. WTF Chris!

    That was just wrong on so many levels, I can’t believe I saw this on the day I was feeling so up myself and about to email you about my new juicer and adjustment to a 75% raw foody lifestyle I”m rocking these days.

    Damn, next time save yourself the time leaving the house and just order in and then order a taxi to your favourite A & E dept for a stomach pump dude.

  12. Not sure about that one, like the concept of the video. It let’s us know that some things should be left to chance. how was it anyways??

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