Glazed Bacon Burger – The Write Up

This latest creation in my serious of ridiculous burgers (here, here, here), was inspired a famous lady south of the border. If you guessed Ina Garten or Sandra Lee, you’d be wrong…although Sandra Lee has created some absolutely terrible treats. Give yourself 10 points, and subtract a year off your life if you guessed Paula Deen.Β  That’s right, Mrs. Butter herself, inspired this taste sensation.

Paula Deen’s version, which was aptly named The Lady’s Brunch Burger, sandwiched a hamburger patty, fried egg and bacon between two glazed donuts. Not having access to a breakfast menu (the hour was late), I decided to branch out and make my own version. Knowing that a handful of Tim Hortons share space with Wendy’s, Sarah and I headed down towards the university to make the magic happen. Getting two honey dipped donuts from Tim Hortons was the easiest part of the creation, with the hardest part coming from the number of burger options; double junior, double 1/4, triple stack, bacon deluxe, bacon and bleu, the list goes on. Deciding to rid myself of any healthy addition that might sway the creation, I placed an order for a single baconator. Meat, bacon, cheese, mayo, and ketchup.

Hoping to have a bit of fun in my first video, Sarah and I took the food to go and zoomed off to the park. Unpacking the goods, I started to wonder if this was actually going to make sense. Up until this point, I was running on creative I was faced with the actual assembly and didn’t know what to think. The donuts seem fresh, and pulling the baconator apart was a clean process. It seems the mayo, ketchup, and bacon stopped the cheese from melting into the bun and causing more problems. Finally, the Glazed Bacon Burger was created.

The burger looked surprisingly good. Part of me thinks the lack of additional toppings can explain this, as the burger portion stayed nicely displayed after the move. Size wise, it was probably only a fraction bigger than the original baconator (with bun). The donuts were easy to squish and the experience didn’t seem that much different as I went for a bite. The initial flavour was all donut glaze, with the bacon and meat coming through as the chewing went on. I was really surprised to find the mouthful quite enjoyable. Call me crazy, but the sweetness worked so well with the bacon and hamburger patty that I went right back for another bite just to confirm my initial thought. It was in my second, or maybe third bite, and Sarah’s first bite, that we discovered the downside of this creation. The ketchup. The donut goodness just didn’t seem to jive with the ketchup.

The conclusion. This is one hell of a burger…and probably something that you shouldn’t attempt. Sure it tastes pretty damn good (order sans ketchup), but like Sarah mentioned 10 minutes after putting away the creation, “I don’t feel so good”.

3 thoughts on “Glazed Bacon Burger – The Write Up

  1. So this should be filed under the “don’t try this at home” category? πŸ˜€

    Now, the question is… Should you have ordered it with additional patties and bacon??? πŸ™‚

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