Ed’s Gluten Free Specialty – Edmonton, Alberta

Ed’s Gluten Free Specialty
Suite #117, 9303 – 34 Ave

I’ve been looking at Ed’s Gluten Free for months now, and yet I’ve never gone in. Located just a hop and skip from my favourite produce store (H&W), one might think this an easy destination, but without an immediate need for gluten free food, the trip kept falling by the wayside. I finally took the plunge though, and thought a few of you might appreciate seeing what’s available.

Does sex sell gluten free?

Located in an odd strip mall and sandwiched between lawyers and computer store, the interior is pure business. There are no Save-On style wide open isles, or bright lights to dazzle and charm you. In fact, take out the shelves and coolers, and you pretty much have an empty office space (gray carpet included). This however, shouldn’t really be a surprise. With a large percentage of gluten free goodies needing to be frozen to maintain their freshness, you aren’t about to walk into those fresh smells.

As you can tell, this is also not gluten free artisan bakery (like the amazing GF Patisserie), but an actual grocer. The shelves are loaded with energy bars, pasta, different flours, pancake mixes, cereals, chips, and more. The coolers and freezers are jammed with everything from perogies to pizzas, olive oil bread to pasta bowls. If you find yourself on a gluten free diet, or wanting to reduce your wheat intake, there is something for you.

Open for just 5 months, it seems after a quick conversation with the owner that things are on the up and up. With an increasing awareness surrounding GF diets, and those who are on them, I’m pretty sure Ed’s Gluten Free Specialty is a welcome addition to Edmonton.

2 thoughts on “Ed’s Gluten Free Specialty – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. Thank you for the wonderful posting. Hi, I’m Ed a celiac and owner of the store. We try to find new products and expand our line of products every week. And tasteful sex can attract customers but excellent products get them to return.


    • Your welcome Ed, and I agree; it is the products that get them to come back and you seem to have a fantastic selection.

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