The Week That Was And Is – May 5th, 2010

Another week goes by and we are welcomed into May with a blizzard. Gotta love the prairie weather systems. Anyways, a week after my near death choking experience, I’m feeling much more active and can put most things down my gullet. I can’t tell you though, how many times I hear, “Oh Chris, make sure you chew”. From family to friends to work colleagues. Let me just say. I know!

  • Jennifer Cockrall-King’s Maclean’s article on the ‘unpaid restaurant critic’, which included a few lines from Calgary’s very active chowhound user John Manzo, hit the stands recently. As a regular chow user myself, I’ve seen both the good and bad sides of ‘elite’ foodies, and would caution you from living and dying by the chowhound sword. Instead, look around and combine the information from local foodies, yelp, urbanspoon, friends and neighbours.
  • I’m super stoked to see what Nate Box does with his newly acquired space; 100, 10140 – 117 Street.  Aiming for an end of month opening, I’m sure Edmonton will treat the Elm Cafe well.
  • Like Sharon, I noticed Culina’s blog, Back of House, offering an awesome breakdown of their duck dogs. I’m going to throw it out, and say I’d love to come watch, learn and take a few photo’s of anyone doing this in the future.
  • Speaking of Sharon, she was able to partake in the over the top, Chefs in the City event, which went down at the Shaw Conference Center. Hopefully you don’t come across the write up while you’re hungry, because you might just eat your screen.
  • Local pizza hot spot Famoso published their new and updated menu.
  • Calgary’s very own Rouge Restaurant has made it’s way into S. Pellegrino’s list of the worlds best restaurants, coming in at 60th place. The top five are; 1-Noma (Denmark), 2-El Bulli (Spain), 3-The Fat Duck (UK), 4-El Celler de Can Roca (Spain), 5-Mugaritz (Spain),
  • The KFC Double Down hoopla is still running wild around the interwebs, and I’m beginning to wonder if KFC Canada made a big mistake by not offering it here. Lucky for me, I have a KFC insider, who is not only helping customers get a sample of something close, but offering to help me out with recreating the infamous treat. Look for a future post…and if you can’t wait; check out this home made Elvis Double Down!
  • Penguin Publishers in Australia was in hot water recently, for publishing a cookbook that called for ‘salt and ground black people’ in most of the books 150 recipes. I can’t imagine it’s anything more than a simple proof reading error, but I wonder if everyone will trade their copy of the Pasta Bible in for a new and correctly written copy.
  • The James Beard awards were given out this week, and it looks like Top Chef Judge, Tom Colicchio, is actually top chef.Props go out to Canadian Laura Calder, who took home an award for Television Show, In Studio or Fixed Location; French Food at Home with Laura Calder.
  • Just like Sharon & Mack; I was down at the recent Century Park LRT opening. The cool weather made for a short visit, as I wasn’t exactly dressed for the weather, and the Starbucks lineup was way too long to wait for. Can’t wait to see the ridership numbers increase. I’ll almost bet Mack could figure those numbers out 😉

  • If you think my Glazed Bacon Burger was bad for the heart, you’ve never had an oil & gas BBQ sponsored by vendors. Check out these huge 3/4 pound patties. The size of your face I tell you!

  • As someone who’s just started to run this year. I’m pretty excited for this Nike+ add-on for my iPod Nano. I’ll be looking to make a hack for it, as i don’t have Nike shoes, but it seems pretty easy. Anyone have any experience with this item?

  • A small pile of cinnamon, and currant scones from Cobs Bread found their way to the homestead. Not a bad afternoon treat.

  • Did you catch a glimpse of the new season of Bizarre Foods. I’m really glad to have Andrew Zimmern back in his original role, and love that travel channel has him doing live web chats. Sometimes, I wish Anthony Bourdain was as readily available. Keep up the good work Andrew…and keep eating those nasty things!

4 thoughts on “The Week That Was And Is – May 5th, 2010

  1. I’m a runner – I have three marathons (and one utter failure of a marathon!) under my belt, and log 60-80 miles a week. A few points about the Nike+ add-on, which my wife had, twice.

    1. The screen on the wristband – which you won’t need with the Nano – crapped out, was replaced, and then bit the dust again. Hopefully this isn’t indicative of the quality of the Nano adapter.
    2. The footpod works with an accelerometer, not GPS, so the accuracy isn’t great. If you change, improve, lengthen, or otherwise alter your stride, you’ll likely need to recalibrate.
    3. There are small cases you can buy to attach to non-Nike shoes. Easy to find online or – ugh – The Running Room. They’ll run you about $10.

    If you want to move up to something a little more substantial, I’d recommend Garmin. My Garmin 205 provided me with four years of trusty service. I replaced it yesterday, as it wouldn’t power on out of the dock. Until then, it worked without fail. I bought a Garmin 405 this time. The Garmin 305 – which is what my wife uses – can regularly be found at Costco, either in the electronics section or the watch and jewelry case. It’s much cheaper than when it originally came out ($400 down to $170), is GPS, and comes complete with a heart rate monitor.

    Running in general… just set realistic goals and run. Avoid The Running Room if at all possible; most of the neighbourhood locations aren’t very knowledgeable (Whyte and Kinsmen aren’t bad), and the markup at RR is ridiculous. Go see Jack and his group at Fast Trax off 75th St. You won’t be sorry.

    • Oh Jamie! Thank you. Where were you when I went and bought my running shoes. What an experience. I may just call on you in the future.

  2. About running shoes: more expensive is not always better. I’ve had really high end shoes like the Asics Kayano, which are over $200. Well, they’re over $200 at the RR, anyway. My go to shoes are now Saucony Guides. They’re $95 in Bellingham, WA which is just across the border from me.

    Jack at Fast Trax will set you up. They’ll put you on the treadmill and watch your stride. There are no good or bad shoes. Some will be good with your stride and foot, some won’t. It’s a lot of trial and error. Luckily, if you get really into running, you can try out a new pair every two to three months!

    And yeah, ask away. I’m no expert, just a guy that used to be obese and discovered a love of running. It’s incredibly rewarding.

  3. Gerry’s duck dogs are out of this world. Big ups!!!! Edmonton keep your grips on this guy… mark my words.

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