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Fife N’ Dekel
9114 – 51 Ave
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With my throat on the mend, I was treated to a relaxing lunch by The Captain, BP and Sarah. Knowing that we’d need a place that offered soup (along with other options) I suggested Fife N’ Dekel. With it’s laid back environment, and freshly made sandwiches, I thought it would fit the bill nicely. Plus, it wasn’t too far from the homestead.

I think it was a recent conversation with Sarah that reminded me of Fife N’ Dekel. Tucked into a commercial strip mall, this little shop has been doing business for as long as I remember. A quick look on the website tells me they have been open since 1983, and with my first move to Edmonton happening the year after, I guess that explains things. I remember being a little sad when we moved out east to find out we no longer had a Fife location.

After moving back to Edmonton, and for whatever reason our family made fewer and fewer visits. And as I sat there during lunch, I started to wonder if I’ve eaten here in the last decade. I also noticed that the interior has been and/or is currently under renovations. The walls are looking a little more modern, and even the signage on the table shows an updated Fife N’ Dekel logo. The lunch crowd was steady, but moving through the well practiced assembly stations took no time at all. Grab a drink, grab a tray, order sandwich (subway style), order soup, order salad, order dessert, pay.

The Captain ordered a turkey sandwich on whole wheat, with a slice of sour cream apple pie for dessert. With the sandwich made anyway you’d like, it wasn’t a surprise to find the sandwich was a success. The pie, which disappeared faster than Ben Johnson’s gold medal, was equally delicious apparently.

BP was hoping for something lighter than a sandwich, and ordered a bowl of Split Pea and Ham soup*. Opting for a slice of whole wheat bread on the side, the order was completed with a slice of cherry pie. I also discovered at this point that BP can eat an entire can of cherry pie filling, so it should come as no surprise it was another success.

This was a day of similar orders, as Sarah also ordered a turkey sandwich. Getting to have a closer look at Sarah’s meal, I was happy to see the bread was soft and fresh. The turkey was oven roasted, and the fillings were fresh. Sarah, who loves sprouts, was won over and enjoyed her sandwich. I should also mention that a side of pickles are included with the sandwiches, and in a smart play, they are located under the sandwich and protected by a layer of wax paper. Ingenious!

I was, in some way, surprised to only find two soup options. And with the choices Split Pea & Ham or Cream of Potato, I, like BP, went with the Split Pea & Ham. Not as hardy as I’d hoped, I think that anything at this point that was warm would be enjoyable. Serisouly, never injure your sucks.

While I don’t think I’d come back to Fife for soup, I can’t help but think their handmade, personalized sandwiches could easily fit the bill no matter the mood. From the quick service and fresh ingredients, the Fife should be putting your Subway and Mr. Sub dollars to the test.

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    • Oh the Pie. I had a whole part written about pie..and the delicious old school milkshakes, but ended up leaving it out. Definitely a key part of the Fife!

  1. Glad to see not much has changed at Fife. I used to work a few blocks away and I really miss their turkey sandwiches and the pickle under the wax paper.

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