The At Home Butcher

Always one to try new things, I’ve started to give into a serious hankering to breakdown meat at home. I’ve helped skin and hang game since I was a teen, but it wasn’t until I returned from Guatemala, where I killed my first pig, that I really wanted to get elbow deep. Plus, the money you save can be ridiculous. Take for example this 10 1/2 pound chunk of whole boneless rib. Priced at a staggering $90.27, makes it seem out of touch for many casual steak fans. But, and it’s a big one; cut yourself nice hefty portions and you’ll have just saved yourself a wheelbarrow full of cash. me, you can stop halfway in the process and make a nice batch of tartar.

For the record, I cut 17 steaks from this chunk on top of the tartar. You can google ‘how to freeze meat‘ for a few suggestions, or check out Good Eats, because I know Alton Brown talked about it on one show.

Sexy....Isn't It!


6 thoughts on “The At Home Butcher

    • B&B I like that. The tartar was very simple with the spices as I haven’t played around with the dish enough to have a go-to recipe. A little of this, a little of that. Any suggestions?

  1. My suggestion for tartare as with so many other individual dishes, keep it simple, do not over spice.
    Personally I use no onions.

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