Café Burgundy – Edmonton, Alberta

Café Burgundy
4520 76th Ave

Located inside a Holiday Inn Convention Centre, Café Burgundy was the site of a recent lunch. With two half day seminars offered by Alberta Human Rights, GR and I made a day out of it. Clonde Sirena also came along, but just for the first course on Duty to Accommodate.

This Holiday Inn is located on the south side of the Sherwood Park Freeway, nestled in a business/industrial park. So without any real options, I have a feeling that Café Burgundy makes most of their money on the conferences that are held everyday. Walking in just after 12, we were leading the pack, as the relatively empty restaurant quickly filled up with hungry bodies.

A quick look around, I found a nicely sized salad, which also included nacho’s and salsa. The first hot section included; mashed potatoes, perogies, pasta, rice, and cabbage rolls. The second; beer beef, steamed vegetables, and turkey (with cranberry sauce). The dessert section was small, offering the standard fruit and sweet combination’s.

The standouts for me were a tomato/onion salad and the turkey. There was something about the spicy raw onion and tomato mix that was just delicious. The turkey, which was sitting in a fantastic gravy, offered juicy meat whether you went white or dark. This is the kind of turkey most holiday meals wish they could produce. The down side included the cabbage rolls, which were filled with a disastrous rice, and the beer beef, which was a mix of tough and tougher beef cubes. Clearly these beefy cubes didn’t spend enough time in the oven.

Overall, this buffet was a nice change from the common offerings located in Nisku. Priced at $10.99, you can fill yourself up on plenty of hot options and an imaginative salad bar. The one downside is the lack of refills; one plate of each item means you are going to want to get there at the crack of noon. Even with that said I don’t think I’d worry about looking for another restaurant if I find myself back in the area for another course.

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