Mohave Grill – Red Deer, Alberta

Mohave Grill
6608 Orr Drive
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After my disaster of a meal at Shiso, I was off to meet GR,  who also needed to be in Red Deer, and another coworker Zim. Staying close to the hotel, we ended up only a few blocks from our beds at Mohave Grill. Looking pretty average from the outside, I was pleasantly surprised by the open, Sante Fe style interior. Offering a mix of everything from hamburgers to lobster, fettuccini to ribs, the menu was safe and to the point. The one southwestern touch on each dish, was the name. As you can tell by the pictures, we were left to our own devices for much of the meal. In fact, with no other tables around, I wondered if our server and her lack of service, forgot we were there.

GR decided on the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. I don’t know how anyone could make a sandwich out of this, as the flattened chicken breast easily outsized the bun by a 2:1 ratio. The chicken was battered with crushed nacho chips and then soaked in hot sauce for that “buffalo” finish that so many restaurants offer. A quickly sample, and it confirmed my average-looking thoughts. GR seemed to like the dish, but could not finish the manly portion. GR also mentioned the fries were good, with a dash of seasoning.

Zim went with the Southern Fried Chicken Dinner. Hoping to see nice juicy buttermilk soaked chicken, what arrived looked strangely similar to GR’s dish. Sure the nacho crust was a different colour, but the chicken remained flattened and breaded. Basically, besides the colour of the batter, the buffalo sauce and bbq sauce were the only things that made this meal any different. Zim gave me a sample, and it seemed moist, but the flavour was pure nacho chip. The vegetables were cooked nicely, while the fries were given a below average grade. Just goes to show how the same fries can be given different reviews.

After my seafood failure, I, for whatever reason, decided on the Don Diego’s Seafood Salad. Described as a mix of seafood on warmed greens, I can tell you what arrived were not warm greens. This isn’t too take away anything, just not what was advertised. I did like the mix of salad, and the fact that it wasn’t bagged iceberg. The seafood included a mix of shrimp, mussels and tiny scallops. Actually, besides one decent sized mussel, they were also quite small. I’m pretty sure the seafood was tossed in some sort of wine sauce before being plated, and was cooked surprisingly well. Juicy and plump, without that standard rubbery texture I’m so used to in many establishments. The cornbread was too sweet for my liking, but that’s just a personal thing. Compared to the meal I attempted to eat minutes before, this was a success.

The service was lacking but after a long day and 90 minutes on the highway, the Mohave Grill hit the spot. The nacho crust on the chicken was a nice touch, and the seafood salad was a nice way to get in some greens. Not a bad little spot in Red Deer. Plus, they do a little something different with the napkins.

4 thoughts on “Mohave Grill – Red Deer, Alberta

  1. I drive by Red Deer often. Once ina while I think aout topping there for food, but your images just keep me driving by in the future as well.

  2. We’ve been to MG several times. Our first visit was excellent. But after that, it just seemed to go downhill. Food was always mediochre, same for the service.

    We were there again last night, and I gotta say it was my LAST. We waited over 30 minutes for our food. When it got there, both our dishes were cold. And dried out. I could not even eat mine. The waitress was apologetic, but it did little to reduce my disappointment. I was STARVING when I got there. And I was still HUNGRY when I left.

    We made our complaints known, but all they would do was give 10% off. It was a slap in the face. We paid over $50 for our meals, after discount – and we left as HUNGRY as when we came in.

    I will NEVER go back there again. Sorry, MG – you get a flaming “F” for failure. And you won’t get my money ever again.

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