The Royal Glenora Club – Edmonton, Alberta

The Royal Glenora Club
11160-River Valley Road

Ever stepped into a time warp? You know; a jump to the left, and then a step to the right. That’s what it was like when Sarah and I walked into The Royal Glenora Club. What were we doing here you ask; getting ready for a Night on Broadway presented by Edmonton Columbian Choirs.

With one of Sarah’s closest friends singing, it seemed only right to support the event. Besides a night of entertainment, I figured it would be a great opportunity to sample the in-house catering.  Situated in the Braemer room, one of the largest available, I couldn’t help think it looked small with all of the tables required for this gala event. Our table was located right near the stage, giving us a bird’s eye view of the entire evening, which was hosted by CBC’s Colin MacLean.

But what about the food right! The tickets were available at two price points, $47 or $53, depending on the protein you desired, chicken or beef. Both Sarah and I decided on chicken, and a quick look around at other tables led me to believe this was very common. The tables were served assorted dinner rolls to start, nothing overly special here. In fact, I found the brown and multigrain breads rather plain. Next up was our salad which was good. A mix of lettuce greens and a nice light touch of dressing, something I always enjoy.

Next up, the Oven Roasted Chicken Supreme which according to the menu was lightly seasoned with herbs & breadcrumbs, filled with a wild mushroom duxelle, selection of vegetables and baby roasted potatoes. I was surprised by what arrived, as it looked rather drab. The colour provided by the carrot and cabbage was overwhelmed by the brown look that occupied the rest of the plate. The chicken was a mix. Sarah and I agreed that the stuffing wasn’t very good, and the breaded crust was unnecessary. The potatoes were roasted but instead of a crispy exterior, we were left with a mushy feel The rest of the vegetables, zucchini etc.., were cooked wonderfully and sweetened by their time in the heat.

For reference, I tracked down the other option; Slow Roasted Prime Rib of Alberta au Jus crusted with herbs, selection of vegetables and duchess potatoes. I was disappointed to see the meat completely cooked. No pink here. The comment from the diner I asked, said; Not bad, but quite fatty.

The dessert course was New York Cheesecake, with a side of raspberry coulis and whipped cream. Pretty standard fare here, and as someone who doesn’t have the biggest sweet tooth, I think it was a decent cheesecake.

I found the entire night following a rather strange time line. With most of the performances happening before our food arrived, we didn’t end up eating until well after 8. With that said though, I quite enjoyed the Young Columbian Singers who performed Stone Soup, and the Chanteuses who did a lovely rendition of Always a Bridesmaid from, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change. With the concert being the main focus on this night, I suppose it was good that the food didn’t steal the show. Although, I think it would have been nice if it put up a fight…

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  1. Thanks for the review of the food. As an event planner it’s always good to know what the food is really like before you book a venue. Much appreciated.

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