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Credo Coffee
10134 104 Street
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When leaving the homestead for a solid cup of joe, or smooth shot of espresso, I tend to stay south of the river. Sure it’s closer to home, but it’s also littered with everything from Leva to Da Capo to Transcend. With these choices it’s easy not to stray far. However, a recent excursion downtown  meant it was possible for Sarah and I too put our standard order to the test at Credo Coffee.

With only a handful of customers on this sunny day, Sarah and I were able to grab two stools near the window. After a brief chat with the friendly staff, we placed our regular order without hesitation, doppio espresso and americano. Always trying to increase my coffee knowledge, I took a moment to watch the action.

A delightful addition to the down town core, I love that Credo takes coffee just as serious as its competition south of the river. So serious in fact that they only Intelligensia Direct Trade Coffee, which means; there must be a true and tangible relationship between the growers of the coffee and Intelligentsia. A couple of emails and a phone call just won’t cut it. These are coffees that require the direct involvement of our tasting experts and are defined by a mutual investment of energy and the idea of creating strategies together as partners in the pursuit of better quality, better return, and long-term viability. We usually visit every farmer or cooperative at least three times per year: before harvest to plan, during the harvest to monitor quality, and after harvest to recap and celebrate the successes.

The windows at the front provide ample light, and combined with the lofty front sitting area, make for a wonderful and relaxing spot. I suppose you could try to sneak a few kisses at the tables located further into the building, but then you’d be by the cashier. And no cashier wants to see that! I also loved the giant piece of coffee art located way, way up in the front room. It would make me smile every day I think.

I’m glad I finally made my way to Credo, because it was well worth the visit. A no pretense environment, friendly service and quality beverages, started to make me wish I lived a bit closer. It’s a good thing the LRT has moved south, because the proof my friends, is in the cup.

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  2. I went there today after finding your blog post in a round about way via after playing with the places setting on my new smartphone. It is a 20 min walk from our house and right across the street from Blue Plate diner. I’m not a huge coffee drinker and I decided to try one of the house selections (I believe from Kenya) which I was told had fruity accents — it was the first coffee I have ever had without adding and dairy or sugar and it was great. This will certainly be the place to go for coffee for us from now on — the walk up and down the hill to and from downtown from Rossdale is a very walkable distance and it is great to support a non-franchise business, especially one which is in turn supporting long-term sustainability to farmers.

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