The Week That Was And Is – May 19th, 2010

Dry, and hot weather meant I didn’t spend as much time behind the trusty Mac last week. And even with some rain last night, I think it’s almost time  to cue the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Summer, summer time!

  • Liane Faulder mentioned an upcoming lobster dinner and fundraiser at the Shaw Conference Centre on June 13. It’s being put on by Canadian Culinary Federation and tickets are $60 per person. Call Bonnie at 780-475-2433, Doug at Fin’s Seafood at 780-449-3710 or Stephen at Something Special Deli Foods at  780-467-4448.Of course, if you are like me, you’ll be glued to your television for the season 3 premiere of HBO’s True Blood that night.
  • Dutch Treats and Farm Fresh Meats (12769-50th Street) is set to open shop here in Edmonton on May 21. They will be selling certified organic eggs, poultry and turkey as well as a selection of beef, celiac-safe sausage and cheeses. I don’t know about you, but every time I think of Dutch treats and celiac safe products, I’m brought back the The Celiac Husband.
  • I know this next point is random,  and doesn’t really have to do with the last week, but I was reminded recently when I visited the Food Network Canada website of how bad it is. Am I alone in this thought? I can not wait until someone is able to rework the site to look and operate better?
  • After my recent experience at FiliStix, I have an even greater love-hate relationship with street vendors. I love the ideas and normally the food, but I hate whatever laws are in place to make this a less attractive or even possible venture here in Canada. Have a read through this recent article out of Houston, and tell me you don’t wish we could be eating better on our streets.
  • Being able to make decisions for one of the most powerful countries in the world might be reason enough for many of you to be President of the United States, but not for me. Nope, the best part of being POTUSA is the ability to have your favourite chefs cook you a meal. Apparently the Obama family is a big fan of Chef Rick Bayless, and I can’t disagree. Rick, in case you read this, you can come cook for me any day.
  • This Star Wars cake is amazing. Seriously amazing..
  • With a coworker starting her maternity leave last week, a group of us headed out for lunch. Of course, as I’ve mentioned before, the choices in Nisku are very bleak, and it seems the Royal Executive Inn has taken over the reigns as the go-to establishment.

  • I had originally meant to unwrap my dark fruit cake at the start of April, but apparently forgot all about it until now. It didn’t matter though, as my first attempt at this door stop of a Christmas treat turned out surprisingly good. If you can’t tell from the picture, this is not for the faint of heart when it comes to dried fruits and nuts. Packed my friends…packed!

  • Ever come up with a ridiculous idea. Well here’s one of mine. Toast a nice thick slice of home made bread, and two Loukaniko (Greek sausages) from Old Country Meat & Deli before combing with fresh curds courtesy of The Cheese Factory and warming slightly. And by toast, and warm I mean BBQ over a backyard fire. Don’t tell me you aren’t just a bit intrigued.

  • I loved last week’s episode of Bizarre Foods, which saw Andrew Zimmerman hanging out in Arizona. From eating dessert rats to feasting on sheep’s liver, intestines, sheep’s eyeballs, and blood sausage made inside a sheep’s stomach; this episode lives up to the name.

5 thoughts on “The Week That Was And Is – May 19th, 2010

    • I’m working on putting a Double Down together. I figured with your close promixity to the border, you’d make a double trip and hit Salumi and then KFC for a meat induced heart attack.

  1. Hey Chris,
    Thanks for the shout-out to Liane. And that sausage and curds on toast dish is seriously weird. But yes, I’m intrigued. And suddenly ravenous.

  2. I’m with you on the crappy design of the Food Network Canada site. And to think that what you’re seeing is a relatively recent redesign! Bleh.

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