Valley Zoo – Edmonton, Alberta

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Valley Zoo
13315 Buena Vista Rd

With a good portion of our friends off camping in the cold weather that May long weekend always seems to bring, Sarah and I went for a tour around the Valley Zoo today. Located along the edge of the North Saskatchewan River, the 350 plus zoo creatures neighbour one of the more expensive residential blocks in Edmonton. As we pulled into the parking lot, it was quite clear that we would have most of the zoo to ourselves.

As someone who visited the Valley Zoo just a few years back, the changes came as more of shock to Sarah, who hadn’t visited in over a decade. With no crowds, and only a handful of loud, window banging children, Sarah and I made quick work of the zoo. Highlights included Lucy, the 34 year old Asian elephant, the birds of prey, lemurs, and one very polite South American sea lion.

Did you know that female Asian elephants (like Lucy) are the only elephants to not have tusks. Male Asian elephants, along with both female and male African elephants all have tusks. Good thing Lucy has a sense of humour, and utilized some nice big carrots. The lemurs were given a new toy, cranberry filled water bottles, and it was priceless watching them try and figure the system out.

Even in the drizzle and cold, there was nothing that could dampen my time. From big to small, I dare say there isn’t an animal that doesn’t make me smile. As we wandered out the exit gate, it was clear so\me exhibits were closed (either for repair, or for the season), which means we’ll just have to come back later in the year to watch the animals revel in the Alberta sun. Oh and in case you don’t believe me about the crowds, here’s a few background shots.

Do you have a favourite animal?