Vienna Bread – Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge #39

It seems I was taking a break from the Bread Baker’s Challenge, but I really wasn’t. No, I was busy trying to kill my starter, and then revive it, only to kill it again. See, I’m developing a love-hate relationship with sourdough right now. Yet, with only one or two non-yeast breads left in the challenge, I figured my on-again off-again starter situation, was a signal to go and conquer them. All of this brings me to Vienna Bread.

The problem with this bread, or buns in this case, is that I didn’t write down any notes. It was good, I can tell you that. In fact, I vaguely remember this being a pretty damn tasty bun, but I can’t tell you why. Which I suppose gives me more reason to make it again. At least I have some pictures for you. 🙂

Any fellow BBA participants care to chime in about what they thought?

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4 thoughts on “Vienna Bread – Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge #39

  1. I haven’t tried this bread yet, but it looks so soft and tender! Please make it again soon and tell us your notes…
    I’m afraid. Very afraid of developing a relationship with sourdough starter. I don’t have the patience to babysit it…Right now, I’m jumping around the BBA book, picking and choosing the breads I haven’t made yet…Great post!

    • Nicole, from Pinch My Salt, was actually the mastermind behind the BBA Challenge. So yes, I have spent quite a bit of time perusing her blog..even if she is quite behind in the challenge herself. I think only a handful of us might actually finish the entire book; an accomplishment in itself.

  2. Thanks for linking to my blog!

    Not too long ago I made the variation that Reinhart mentions at the end of the chapter on Vienna Bread (using the yeast crumb on top) – I highly recommend it, it changes the bread quite a bit, very interesting method

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