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Bee-Bell Health Bakery
10416 – 80 Ave
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**I should forewarn you that I made this visit almost a month ago, and it was lost in the queue until now**. Inspired by the sights and sounds of the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market, I decided to keep with the food theme on this morning and meander over to the Bee-Bell Health Bakery. The brick store front has been a classic part of the off-Whyte landscape for as long as I can remember. And, while the exterior can look a little plain during winter, once the growing season starts, this brick building provides a fantastic backdrop for a beautiful assortment of plants and flowers.

The bakery was pretty slow when I walked in, with only one ticket stub holding customer ahead of me, so I snapped a few pictures before my number was called. If you can’t tell, Bee Bell offers quite the assortment of goodies. Cookies, muffins, cupcakes, pies, tarts, bread, buns, granola…basically if it’s baked, I think they sell it. There also seemed to be an extraordinary number of cinnamon related products during my visit, but a quick look at the specials showed the bakery was advertising cinnamon bun week. This of course meant that all of their cinnamon related treats (buns, pull-a-parts etc..) were on sale and a plate of free samples was waiting in case you needed to be pushed over the line. The slice of cinnamon bun that I snuck wasn’t bad, but with any baked goods, the extra surface area created by slicing the entire bun meant the outside was dry. Not a fair test, I dare say.

I’ve only had a handful of treats from Bee Bell over the years, so I don’t have a long history, but I can tell you that most things have been pretty good; including a very delicious Black Forest Cake that I had last summer. Looking for something new to try, I picked up a Cherry Pie for the homestead and Swiss Peach Pie for Regina Felangi from work. With Regina’s birthday near, I discovered this was one of her favourite treats, and something that always seems to be sold out by the time she makes it down.

The cherry pie didn’t live up to the expectations. With the heavy (not flaky) crust leaning to something you would find in a meat pie, and a rather minimal interior, it left everyone wanting more. Of course, it didn’t help Bee Bell’s case that I’d picked up a cherry pie from Duchess just before, and it was 10 times better. After a day of attempting to get in touch with Regina from work, it seemed the effort I took to pick up this treat went by the wayside. So while it’s definitely not the best taste test, we cracked into this Saturday morning purchase on Sunday night. The cream and peach combination was a big change from the standard pie filling, and while some may like this, it was too much for me. With so many treats on the menu, I suppose they can’t all be a hit. The good thing is that even if you visit once a week, you’ll be trying new items for a few years.

9 thoughts on “Bee-Bell Health Bakery – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. Bee Bell has fantastic muffins. When I was going to the U of A one of the coffee spots in HUB carried Bee Bell muffins and a friend and I used to meet there for muffins and coffee before class in the mornings.

    My favorite was always the chocolate chip or the banana chocolate chip. Their muffins are somewhat dry, but still really flavorful, I’ve always found. Since I moved away from Edmonton Bee Bell is one place that I have to go back to everytime I’m in the city.

  2. Nice pictures… nice article… what were you paid for it!
    Since it changed hands the bakery has lost its edge.

    • Thanks Tony. I wasn’t paid Tony, like all my posts it’s just my hobby. When did the bakery change hands? Any thing in particular you don’t like about it now?

  3. The only thing they seem to do well danish products, Its a shop which does not support the baking trade …. only 1 journeyman Baker…. the rest have no formal training.

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