The Week That Was And Is – June 9th, 2010

And the June countdown is on. Why a countdown Chris? Well, let me sum it up in 3 words; True Blood, Indulgence. That’s right folks, we are all but a few days away from the season three premiere of True Blood on Sunday. And, if that wasn’t enough to get your blood flowing, this coming Monday is Slow Food Edmonton’s annual Indulgence feast. Oh and in case you are into the yoga thing, Moksha Edmonton just opened their 2nd studio in town and is offering free classes until Sunday. I love a good hot session of Moksha, and try to partake even when I’m traveling, so I’m super excited for a south side location. Back to the food…

  • Speaking of Indulgence, they have been slowly releasing the menu (here, here); which is both positive and negative. As someone who loves to peruse a menu before dining, I’m still a sucker for surprise. Even more so with an event like this. For anyone not going, here are two things you won’t be having; 1) Braised Irving’s Farm Fresh bacon with a confit of Granny Smith apple, peach, and sour cherry bacon jam garnished with taro root frites, and 2) Hog Wild wild boar tourtiere, confit rhubarb salad, asparagus, sauce Soubise, and wild boar jus. Delicious no!
  • Padmanadi has set a date for the grand opening celebration of their new location. June 19th, will see a ribbon cutting and grand opening buffet at 10740-101 Street. Vegetarians unite!
  • Don’t forget if you are in Edmonton this weekend that the 104th Street Al Fresco Block Party is going down. With everything from food to yoga, and a free movie, it’s sure to be quite the party. Cross your fingers for sunny weather and short shorts..err, maybe just the weather. 😉 Here’s a bit of info from the horse’s mouth;

This year’s charity is E4C’s Edmonton School Lunch Program, an organization dedicated to supplying nutritious food to needy children all over the city, and with some of the cutbacks this year, they need your help more than ever. Two sound stages this year – one live, one DJ’d by Junior Brown. A half-pipe set up for skateboarding, a repeat of the wildly successful Portuguese BBQ, a crostini bar by Red Star’s Daniel Costa, licensed patios by Tzin, Lit and Blue Plate Diner. deVine’s wine-tasting – only it’s al fresco this year, as it should be – beneath two giant tents, and, of course, another movie to cap it all off, free of charge. This year’s movie is “Chocolat” with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, and it will show in a perfect auditorium under the stars – Melcor’s parking Lot between 29 Armstrong and the Saddlery building, with free pop and popcorn by Sobeys and way too much Kerstin’s chocolate to nibble on while you watch.

  • As a big fan of the Innis & Gunn cask beers (I think I’ve tried everyone they’ve produced), it’s exciting to hear about Sherbrooke Liquor’s lateast brew. Teaming up with Nova Scotia’s Glen Breton distillery and local shop Alley Kat Brewing, the whiskey cask beer should be ready in a couple months and will be called Glen Sherbrooke.
  • Von’s (don’t go for the food) Steakhouse is having a tequila tasting. If you’ve never had the joy of experiencing high quality, smooth sipping style tequila, you might just want to swing by on Friday June 18th. It’ll cost you $25-$30 and is R.S.V.P. only 780.439.0041.
  • It seems like a lot of giant burgers have been created in the last year, and apparently we have a new record. “The whopping beef burger cooked up at Ambrosia On The Spot, at Randwick, tipped the scales at 95.5kg, making it the largest ever created” I can always hope the interior of that big-ass burger is nice and medium rare!
  • I’ve heard of a lot of things in life, and while this doesn’t surprise me, I can’t imagine having the gonads to attend funerals for the food….and bring Tupperware.
  • Anthony Bourdain’s newest book, Medium Raw, came out yesterday. Probably worth buying, even if you aren’t the biggest foodie.
  • Some emails are more interesting than others. Take the recent email I received from a company called Parts Select for example. Which linked me to a video where they show you how to make lasagna in your dishwasher. I’m more than just a little tempted to try this, so don’t be surprised if it shows up as a post in the future.
  • On my way to work I noticed that the new Sandman Signature Hotel (currently being constructed in the deep south), will be home to two new restaurants; Chop Steak Fish Bar & Rockford Wok Bar Grill.

  • One thing I really love about the warm weather is grilling fruit. So easy, and so delicious; I suggest you try grilled pineapple it at least once.

  • Indulgence tickets have arrived, and with just five tickets left as of yesterday morning, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say they are probably sold out by the time you read this.

  • The City Market Downtown on 104th, aka the downtown farmers market, was booming last weekend. With the nice weather comes the crowds, so I suppose it’s a fantastic thing that I’m an early bird. Not only do I get to walk around and stretch my arms, but I get my choice of the produce.

  • And finally, with Tony (No Reservations) and Adam (Man V. Food) on hiatus, I’ve been soaking up my time with Andrew Zimmern; which is fine when you have episodes like the new one from Bangkok. Yet, in a fantastic turn of events, Man V. Food is ready to come back (June 16th), and the season is going to start with a bang. I promise!

4 thoughts on “The Week That Was And Is – June 9th, 2010

  1. Dishwasher lasagna, huh? Sounds intriguing, but I don’t know that I would have the courage to try it (also I don’t have a dishwasher!) Looking forward to that post!

    Also, I hope Sherbrooke Liquor doesn’t get sued for using the word “Glen” on their new cask beer – don’t laugh, it happened with Glen Breton whisky (from Nova Scotia).

    • Looks like I really need to whip up some dishwasher lasagna now!

      I’m curious to taste the results of the new cask beer..and being sued. Wouldn’t that make for an exciting story!

  2. I’m with Mel on the dishwasher lasagna. Do it!

    Also, I’m sad to say I can’t make it to Indulgence. I’ve been salivating over every menu and pairing announcement. Sigh. Next time, I guess.

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