Stuffed Sourdough French Toast

Sometimes we have to just do something on a whim. Go for a walk, crack open an expensive bottle of scotch. Or, in this case, slice a wonderful loaf of sourdough into thick slices for french toast. Not stopping, at what would probably be a pretty tasty breakfast, I upped the ante by stuffing each piece with a different item.

Slice one went to peanut butter. A no brainer really, as it was the first thing I thought of. The warmed and gooey peanut butter worked like a dream with, or without, maple syrup. Slice two went to the banana I had sitting on the counter. As someone who likes PB & banana sandwiches, I wasn’t too surprised to find this worked so well. Slice three went to a reduction of orange rinds, similar to a marmalade I guess, that was sitting in the fridge. It was OK at best; I think the heavy hand of cinnamon in the batter didn’t help to showcase it’s best foot. Slice four, well, that went to a black berry compote I had in the fridge. It was good, and definitely something I’d be happy with, but it couldn’t compete with the PB or the banana slice. Slice five was a tough decision as I started to run out of ideas. So I went the easy way and reached into the depths of my fridge for a jar of maraschino cherries. More of a novelty filling that anything else really, it received 4 thumbs down.

All in all this was a pretty fun whim. No one got hurt, and it was a damn delicious meal. As I chewed my way through the pile, I realized I missed out on a two distinct possible fillings; chocolates and nuts. Then again, there is always a next time….

Chris’ Basic French Toast
10 slices of bread
4 Eggs
1 Cup of milk
1 tsp of cinnamon
2 tsp of vanilla
Dash of salt.
Mix everything together, soak your bread, and fry at medium heat until brown.
Pour on real maple syrup and enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Stuffed Sourdough French Toast

  1. A filling of marscapone and caramel would probably be on the top of my list! Then again I am a sucker for bread and cheese of any sort!

  2. That looks way better than the PB on whole wheat that I had for breakfast today. I think I’ll try your version this weekend.

  3. Yum, that looks amazing! I’m sure it was doubly tasty because of your fresh bread, too. I think H. Peter and Sarah are on to something!

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