Al Fresco On 104th Street – Edmonton, Alberta

With a busy weekend (or month) full of World Cup, Sarah and I took a few hours today and enjoyed the afternoon sun. With most of our errands conquered in a timely manner, we decided to see how far along the Al Fresco on 104th party was. Arriving just after 3 gave us plenty of time to relax while the City Center Farmer’s Market was dismantling.

With most, if not all, of the 104th street vendors participating in the event, the atmosphere was fantastic. There is something about a combination of warm weather and a closed street that makes people see the brighter side of life. Sarah and I couldn’t help but wish the city would do more things like this…if not every other weekend.

Readying For The Crowds

Beer Tent

Street Chicken = Yum!

Are Peanuts A Beer Requirement?

Dancing Lessons

Free Yoga

A Perfect Day For Window Cleaning

Even though we only hung out for a few hours, and missed the free movie, I’m almost certain this event will be a big hit with the community. If you made it down, let me know what you thought.

7 thoughts on “Al Fresco On 104th Street – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. We didn’t make it to any of the festivities during the day this year, but just got back from the movie and it was excellent! I agree with you two – more events like this would be lovely.

    • With so much to do on a weekend, it’s hard to spend the entire day out and about, so I’m glad to hear the movie part of the day was excellent.

      Wouldn’t it be absolutely great to have something like this every month. I think it just might push vendors, stores, and restaurants to kick things up a notch; and help inspire citizens to get out from behind their TV’s and enjoy what Edmonton has to offer.

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