Global Petroleum Show 2010 – Calgary, Alberta

I’ve often said to my friends that working in Alberta’s oil & gas industry provides a new challenge everyday; and working within human resources, takes it one step further as it allows me to see and deal with most of those challenges. If there is one thing I miss out on, it is the hands on knowledge. Really, when you spend your time off the floor, how can you know the finite differences in doghouse or masts, or crowns and so forth. Good thing for me, I’m allowed to spend a day or two wandering around conferences and trade shows; which is exactly what I did this Wednesday during the Global Petroleum Show.

With the entire Calgary Stampede grounds taken up by rigs, engines, top drives and more, it took the better part of one day to conquer all of the booths which were located inside and out. Some serious money was have been spent at this conference, and I can only imagine how much future business was put in place.

Besides a massive collection of equipment, various entertaining-style displays were here for those who needed a change of pace; live music, beer gardens, and this motorcycle display;

As the lunch hour neared, my colleagues looked as if they were comfortable lining up for free hamburgers. Besides being in Calgary, I’ve probably had enough crappy hamburgers in my life to conquer any desire left. So, I jumped back into my car and used up my break at Wa’s Japanese Restaurant. Having visited before, I tried to order the same deluxe chirashi dish, only to find them not offering this for lunch. So a regular chirashi it was. Not nearly as elaborate as the deluxe, the meal was solid. The miso soup was welcomed with the cold rainy weather on the stampede grounds, and did it’s job to warm the belly. The assortment of fish was fresh and definitely hit the spot.

The downside on this visit; rice and fish preparation. The rice seemed oddly parched, and as such, was almost crunchy. Maybe it was the end of a bowl, or the entire batch was poorly seasoned, but it required a bit of effort to enjoy. Then there was the fish. Most of the items looked as good as they tasted, but the salmon, tuna and red snapper looked like they’d been cut by a drunk itamae. It’s always sad when a restaurant doesn’t live up to your first memory, but then again, it was probably light years ahead of the processed burger back at the conference.

Back at the show, the afternoon was very much like the morning. Wander, meet, learn. :|| Eventually, my brain was suffering from metal overload, and I hit the road for home.

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    • I dare say we might have shokutsu, and as I’ve often hoped to run into someone from the foodosophy group, it makes it all the more sad.

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