McDonald’s Southwest Salad – Edmonton, Alberta

I made mention a few weeks back that McDonald’s was set to introduce another product to their premium line. Called the Southwest Salad, this new item features a “colourful corn and bean vegetable mix, red peppers, red onions, cheddar cheese and tri-colour tortilla strips. To top it off, you’ll have your choice of a warm and zesty chili-lime glazed chicken breast, crispy or grilled, and Renee’s Southwest Dressing”. As a fan of a good salad, I was pleasantly surprised when McDonald’s contacted me to try one on the house. So that is exactly what I did.

Stopping in for a late lunch, Sarah and I were happy to see a nice, clean location and attentive staff. A quick look at the menu board, confirms that while the McMini is still relatively new, the Southwest Salad has pushed itself into the forefront of the wall. All it needed was bright lights and a disco ball. 🙂 Opting for the grilled breast, the salad order was finished with our selection of the namesake dressing. Oh, and $1 pops. I sometimes forget how amazing fountain pop at the arches is.

As we sat down outside to enjoy the short Edmonton summer, two things became clear. 1 – the dressing was clearly not southwest, instead it seems we got Asian sesame, and 2 – there seemed to be an exorbitant amount of sauce ladled on top of the chicken. A quick poke about the salad before everything was mixed, and it seemed all the elements were fresh. Deciding that the Asian themed sauce wouldn’t work so well with southwest salad, an executive decision was made to mix everything in just the BBQ sauce.

The verdict. Pretty damn good. The overall components were fresh, while the sauce worked great as both a dressing and chicken topper. The beans weren’t mushy, the corn had bite, and everything from the peppers to the salad was clean, crisp and cool. As with most fast food, the over-the-counter shredded cheese can leave you wanting something more, but that will probably always be part of the fast food conundrum. I can’t speak to the combination of BBQ sauce and dressing, and part of me feels that the next time I order this salad, I’ll wait to see how much sauce is on the chicken before deciding. After all, why mess with something that worked so well the first time. Nice work Ronald.

5 thoughts on “McDonald’s Southwest Salad – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. LOL… I was at McD’s the other day and was thinking of trying this. Alas, I didn’t and went for the unhealthy stuff… which was great whilst eating, but definitely regrets later.

    • Aye sometimes it’s better to take in the additional fibre and nutrients of a salad. Keeps everything else moving along, if you know what I mean. 🙂

  2. I truly appreciate your fast-food reviews. Although I’m not a significant consumer of it, it’s refreshing to see a blogger have the balls to include it amongst the other more…respectable-to-be-reviewing-establishments. Well done.

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