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Bul Go Gi House
8813 92 St
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Last week I opened my gmail account and found a request of sorts. It seemed Dr.CaSo was craving a bit of a food break and wondered if I’d be interested in getting together. I’m all for a night of conversation and food, and figured Friday night would be best as it allows everyone to look forward to something after a long week at work. With the restaurant decision left yo yours truly, I figured this would be a good time to go Korean…because really,  it seems no one ever picks Korean on a whim.

Situated in the heart of Edmonton’s French district, Bul Go Gi House has been doing it’s thing since 1973. Probably one of the most popular Korean establishments, I’ve often found the dated decor and rather drab building to put out decent food. Walking in around 6, it was clear that instead of being the token white guy, you almost had to search out the token Korean. Maybe Edmonton’s Korean population doesn’t venture down into the French blocks. *shrug*

Only 2 Options = Sad Face

Sarah (who’d never had Korean) and I waited but a few minutes for Dr.CaSo to arrive before we settled in. Within minutes, our server was back and asking about our order. Dreaming about a hot pot of tofu since I left work my decision was made before I entered the building. Soon-Doo-Boo-Jee-Gae which is; soft tofu with shrimps, clams & vegetables. Sarah also went with a hot pot dish, and ordered Dae-Goo-Mae-Woon-Tang – black cod with vegetables (hot & spicy). Dr.CaSo went with a fried thin noodle dish with chicken and vegetables called, Be-Beem-Cook-Soo. I also asked for a side of every banchan they carry, only to discover that means two…bean sprouts and kimchi. #fail



The meals were quite good. My soft tofu was exactly what I look for in this dish and while it was plentiful, it was seriously lacking in seafood. If you use a plural description in the menu, I’m expecting more than ‘one’ item in the dish. Sarah enjoyed her spicy fish broth, and the solid portion of black cod that filled the center of her bowl. I liked the rustic cooking in her dish, which means it was full bones, cartilage, skin etc. Dr.CaSo, who was almost hidden behind a giant mess of noodles made a solid effort to conquer the dish. Eventually bowing down, and leaving me with a good review.


Even though I walk into every room these days with an adverse desire to capture all the food goodness possible, this evening was about so much more. And in a day in age that most people can’t seem to communicate beyond facebook, or step out of their comfort zone, I’m honored that Dr.CaSo felt brave enough to go for a culinary adventure with yours truly. To the next surprise meal!

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  1. If you are ever in Calgary and a hankering for Korean food hits you, I highly recommend Bow Bulgogi on 17th Avenue. It is my favorite restaurant bar none in Calgary, and they have 4 banchan (bean sprout salad, daikon salad, tofu and kimchi)!

  2. I find it so sad that Korean is hardly a whim or choice in Edmonton. When I visited Vancouver, it seemed every other restaurant on Robson was Korean and felt completely spoiled by the choice. Korean food is super tasty. Strangely the (first and) best Korean experience I had was in New York. It just seems like a communal type of cuisine, with all the side dishes plus usually, live grilling.

  3. I’m afraid to tell you that you did Bul Go Gi all wrong! (This from someone who absolutely goes there on a whim.) You need to definitely get Bul Go Gi, which is delicious. Whenever I go, everyone chooses a dish and then we share them family style. Bul Go Gi, Fried Vegetables, Be-Beem-Cook-Soo are staples of any trip. The sweet and sour pork is also a unique treat. It’s been my experience that you go, order, and take tons of Korean food home to reheat as lunch leftovers the next day.

    And don’t forget the gum!

    • Thanks Brittney. I’d beg to differ that I did Bul Go Gi wrong, especially after you’ve had the goodness that is Soon-Doo-Boo-Jee-Gae. 🙂 I realize it’s the ‘dish’ (even making appearances in John & Kate) and something that everyone associates with Korean, but it’s nice to see what else the restaurant offers.

      Leftovers are great however, and not something you would typically get from a hot pot!

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