The Week That Was And Is – June 25th, 2010

Another crazy week in the world of soccer means the world of food is taking a back seat at the moment, and as such, means a shortened version of notes. Being this is my first non-world cup vacation since the ’90s, I’m glad to say technology has definitely made it easier to stay connected.  Anyone else staying glued to the ball?

  • I’m proud to say my a snippet of my food thoughts made it into the Edmonton Journal this week; a first for me, that would have been great on it’s own, but it gets kicked up a notch as they also featured my photo’s from Slow Food Edmonton’s recent Indulgence ’10 event. Other local foodies, Sharon, Only Here for the Food, and Valerie at A Canadian Foodie, also shared some thoughts of the event. Nice work!
  • And staying on the topic of local foodies, Sharon made a brief visit to the newly formed Yellowhead Brewing. Taking over the gorgeous space that the now defunct Maverick Brewing was once located, it’s good to see craft beer flowing again.
  • With Edmonton now home to the crazy Tim Hortons/Cold Stone Creamery creation, it was great to see Vancouver blogger Sherman visit his local store and give everyone here a peak at what to expect. Thanks for taking those calories Sherman!
  • The randomly updated Culina blog, the Back of House, is now home to a great post about a recent visit to India. This makes me miss all my traveling adventures.
  • I’m game for any food related boot camp, but I have a feeling there are a few locals who might be interested in Camp Bacon more than me. “Camp Bacon’s goal was to encourage a less fetishized approach to loving bacon. As the day came to an end, campers were more knowledgeable. But they weren’t any less obsessed.” Speaking of food boot camps, why are the NAIT ones so much..
  • As someone who makes a lot of food at home, and is always looking to add to my list of homemade goodies, I found this recent article; Making Bread, Ice Cream and Yogurt At Home: Worth It or Not?, quite interesting. Maybe it’s because I don’t buy gimmicky equipment; who needs a bread machine anyways? And while I haven’t completed a cost comparison, I wouldn’t give up these adventures for anything.
  • I pulled over when I saw this sign outside of Bon Ton last Sunday, and it brought a smile to my face, so I had to share.

  • Needing to undertake a massive brain storm session last night, there seemed to be no better place than Da Capo. The results; a great cup (or two) of black gold and some great ideas.

  • I received quite a few questions about my recent MBP addition  so I thought I would post another picture here. It’s available in both a Canon and Nikon version, and comes from the very friendly crew at Photojojo.

That’s all folks! Eat well this weekend, and enjoy the soccer.

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