Getting To Know Our Small Town Food Destinations…

With the summer season in full form, I’m starting to wonder about the possible availability of amazing eating destinations that surround this beautiful city. Whether it’s a burger made from fresh locally ground beef in Mannville, or a pizza with backyard tomatoes in Thorsby*, there must surely be some of these gems within an hour or two by car. In the past, I know Travel Alberta has listed destinations via Dine Alberta, and I know that Chomp Around Alberta existed at one point, but I want to hear from you. Do you know of a place? Heard whispers? Eaten the most amazing ice cream in a roadside stand? Had a grilled cheese that would make a the French jealous?

Hopefully the great bunch of readers you are will be able to come together and help create a list for everyone. After all, the summer season is short and we need to make the best of it!

*By the way, my burger and pizza examples are just that, and I don’t know if either actually serves the above.

10 thoughts on “Getting To Know Our Small Town Food Destinations…

  1. My daughter took me to Lazia (City Centre West) for Mother’s Day, and we absolutely loved it. I had the pasta duo while my daughter had the grilled pannini and mushroom soup with truffle oil. For an appetizer, we had the artichoke dip with their wonderful fresh naan bread. When my MIL came to visit, we took her there and she raved about her pan seared halibut. My daughter loved what she had last time so much, she ordered it again. I had just the mushroom soup, and we shared some pork dumplings and calamari appetizers. Just thinking about that soup makes me weak in the knees! The cost was very reasonable, too!

    Both times we were there, the service was excellent. For Mother’s Day, my daughter talked me into a glass of wine. I don’t normally drink alcohol (I just don’t care for it much) and didn’t know what to order. I asked our server for suggestions, and she was really helpful. When it came down to a choice of two wines, she brought one over in a tiny carafe for me to taste first – if I didn’t like it, she said she’d just take it back and bring the other. I ended up staying with the first one (a South African white, if I remember correctly) and enjoyed it about as much as I’ve ever enjoyed any alcohol. *L*

    The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is having a dessert afterwards. There’s nothing at all wrong with them, but the savoury food is so amazing, the deserts are a bit anti-climactic.

  2. Spruce Grove – lots of flavours of dip for dipped ice cream cones at Jack’s, just off the highway in town. Best soft ice cream in Alberta, hands down – worth the drive!

  3. Tripolis in Wetaskiwin serves awesome burgers, reminds me a little of In-N-Out Burger (well as close as we can get anyway! I would recommend the double Wetaskiwin Burger! Nice family runs the place as well.

    I also love eating at the Eco Cafe at the Village at Pigeon Lake. Love the vibe and food philosophy there.

    One final one, interestingly enough, the PetroCan gas station in Millet serves up wicked soft serve ice cream!

  4. The tavern in the hotel in the village of Radway. Just go down the main street, and it’s at the end of the street on your right. It looks kind of like The Brick restaurant from “Northern Exposure” inside, and it has Hardware Grill-like food at closer to Earl’s-like prices. I read that the chef is a woman who used to run a lodge in Alaska… I think? Anyhow, fantastic food in a very come-as-you-are setting.

  5. There is a place in Stony Plain called The Almanac that has awesome food. I don’t normally like corn chowder, but they had the best corn chowder I’ve ever had.

    I second Jack’s in Spruce Grove too. Their mushroom burger is also outstanding. Michael’s in Spruce also makes amazing meat sauce and has the best lasagna. Another great in Spruce Grove is Something More, a fantastic Greek restaurant – get the flaming cheese!

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