The Glens Grill – Wetaskiwin, Alberta

The Glens Grill
Junction Hwy 2A and Hwy 13

With Sarah part of a bridal party recently, for friends I know not, I fulfilled my role as the token boyfriend and attended both the wedding and party afterward. I arrived out in Wetaskwin in relatively good time, giving me a few moments to walk around downtown. Unfortunately, most shops were either closed or dead as door nails. Wasting as much time as I could, I eventually made my way out to the acreage only to be the first person to show. Nothing says awkward like being the first person, at a wedding where no one knows you!

The outdoor wedding was great and managed to go unharmed by the looming rain clouds. After a quick shake of the hands, with what must have been 20 people in the receiving line, I headed over to The Glens Grill to get my party on. As someone who doesn’t worry a lot about awkward places, I was happy to be moved around by Sarah in search of a table that might be welcoming.

With a slice of the Ukraine at this wedding, the buffet supper was a mix of salads, steamed vegetables, cabbage rolls, mashed potatoes, roast beef and perogies; a pretty standard offering I think. The thing that surprised me the most, was all the requests for slices of medium well and well roast beef by my fellow diners. My request for as-bloody-as-it-gets actually delayed the line for a few moments, as the chef went in search of something that had some pink. *my bad* As a sucker for steamed cabbage, I think the best part of this meal were the perfectly made cabbage rolls. Dessert was again the wedding standard mix of tarts and squares, with a healthy amount of fresh fruit.

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Even though I made just a dent on getting to know any strangers beyond my table, I quite enjoyed myself. The Ukrainian dancers did a fantastic job, even with the low ceiling, but I think they were just waiting for the open bar to welcome them as it quickly turned into a drunk dancing team. The late night lunch was a mix of deli meats, cheeses, more sweets, a separate sheet cake and again fruit. Stuffed to the brim with food, I made the very enjoyable, and quiet late night drive back to Edmonton.

I wish you all the best Jason & Lisa.


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