3 Cheese Grilled Cheese

Sometimes an adventure just calls out. Other times, like on this occasion, it’s spurred on by something else. Like say, last Monday’s Man v Food episode where the main ingredient was cheese. A 14 cheese grilled cheese to be exact, but that’s just ridiculous….

I’m pretty sure a dairy coma and a very sore tummy would be the result of creating such an entertaining sandwich at home so I was pleasantly surprised by only 3 cheese options in the fridge. OK, I’m lying, there was definitely more cheese in the fridge, but the provolone package was sealed and I wasn’t prepared to work with other hard, non-melt friendly cheeses. I was on a mission after all.

3 slices of Monteray Jack, along with 1 slice of both aged cheddar and marbled cheddar were selected for the mission. Using a method I only discovered two years ago, I started the grill cheese sandwich on a cold pan before turning on any heat. You don’t have to worry about timing the flip with this method, as it’s built right in. See, with a cold pan, the cheese starts to melt when the first side is toasted perfectly. A quick flip to finish, as the pan is now hot, and all you have to do is plate. So how was it. Cheesy, gooey, and layered with a great level of spice from the jack cheese. Maybe next time, I’ll have to add mustard or some sort of peach chutney..

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