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Good Buddy Restaurant
2059 111 Street
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When it comes to getting together with the Nurse and KT, it seems as if the time continues to grow between visits. At one time in our previous lives, we worked along side each other, making it easy to take a few minutes each day and catch up. Now, years and years from those days, our busy worlds need a bigger lasso to help everything align. One thing that never changes though, is where we meet.

I’m not sure why we ever ended up at Good Buddy on Edmonton’s south side, but its giant menu allows for something new every time. Plus, eating food family style makes for a more interactive meal and allows everyone to spend a few hours eating. Something that isn’t as easy to do when you’ve eaten your burger and have anxious wait staff wondering if you are done and when you are going to leave.

As the Nurse and I waited for KT, it gave us plenty of quality time, catching up over the last year while we drank our tea. I wish we hadn’t finished the pot though, as it ended up being the only one we were offered; lid-flip and all, we couldn’t for whatever reason, get a refill. With hunger on my mind my worries were beyond tea, and as KT was soon to arrive, the three of us started reading the epic novel put before us. I should say, they’ve combined the regular and traditional menus into one book now, making the request for a traditional menu obsolete. Nice work!

Wonton Soup

Vegetarian Delight sans Duck Feet

Chicken With Tender Ginger &Honey Sauce

Seafood With Soft Tofu on Vegetable

With the Nurse not being the most adventurous eater, normally she’d just have soup, our menu choices were kept pretty safe. KT and I perused the traditional menu, while the Nurse opted for a chicken dish from the everyday pages. The wonton soup was added after our initial order, and was left to the Nurse, so I can’t speak much to the item. It  did seem to have some great looking pieces of pork; which I think was lost on the Nurse. The vegetarian delight (without duck feet), is my classic Good Buddy vegetable dish and didn’t disappoint. Mixed with everything from lotus root to tofu, sprouts to mushrooms, this provided a safe option at the table and went over well. The seafood and tofu dish, which comes in at a staggering $19.95, was piled high with product. Not as smooth and soft as the tofu in my recent Korean hot pot, there must have been two or three entire packages of silken tofu on top of the shrimp, scallop, and fish. I think I safely devoured most of this dish, as I just couldn’t shake the simple and tasty preparation. The chicken lived up to the sweet hype that the Nurse proclaimed, and would probably make most diners happy with it’s crispy exterior and sweet lubricant of a sauce.

Like every time before, this meal was about way more than the food. Old friends getting together to talk about old times, while discovering each others latest journey’s in life. Every dish we ordered would be safe for those who are worried about everything from spice to ingredients. The service was typical for the most part, and I probably should have taken care of our tea refills with a motion of the hand, but the conversation always seem to be more important when employees walked by. After plenty of visits, I still think Good Buddy provides above average Chinese food on Edmonton’s south side. Now if only I could find some more adventurous eaters…

4 thoughts on “Good Buddy Restaurant – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. Hubby and I used to go here lots when they first opened, but then the food and service started going downhill a bit. We still go once in a while though.
    Kudos to you for being an adventurous eater. I was brought up on Chinese food all my life and I’ll have to admit, some of the dishes still have me running in the other direction with my nose plugged.

    • Do you have a favourite restaurant now Lequan? I’m game for pretty much everything, and as such, will some times just order random dishes just to try. Yum!

  2. Ordered from here.. Nasty food. Noodles even had a hair in it. 60 wasted dollars later and I have to feed them something else. Also my order was screwed up and they were an hour late! Argh.. Never again will I eat there. And I doubt they will return my message about the food.

  3. Oct 27, 2010
    Ordered three items.. Not too bad, but for sure not good either.
    ” Seafood in the nest” veg are celery, sugar peas and green onion. If you go to Chinese res downtown this dish has much nicer veg. Yes, the food and service are going down and down.

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