The Week That Was And Is – July 2nd, 2010

Sadness is another World Cup that has dismantled my dreams. I’m Canadian at heart, something I’m really proud of, but with the family heritage lined deep in Australia and England colours, and as someone who played and coached soccer, it’s sad to see both teams done. Good thing the Tour de France is starting up tomorrow, as that epic event is probably my second biggest vice after the World Cup. #dreamsofridingthetour.

  • If you didn’t get a chance to read through my Silver Hills Bakery post, there is still a day left to enter for 5 free loaves of bread. Just write down your favourite sandwich and I’ll punch everyone into a generator. Plus you can pick up a free loaf just for filling out the survey!
  • Original Fare posted on Tuesday that Fork Fest is back. More information about participating restaurants and menus is too come, but I can tell you that it will run July 18 – 22 & July 25 – 29.
  • With the interwebs awash with sadness when il Portico closed in Edmonton, I’m happy to say it’s time to turn those frowns upside down. The former general manager, Patrick Saurette, has found a spot for his new French bistro called The Marc.
  • I noticed on twitter that a new website, Edmonton Coffee, is launching mid July. It sounds, from the brief description, like it will be a good resource for locals to check out. With so many shops popping up (and disappearing it seems), it’ll be a full time job just to keep everyone current.
  • Staying on coffee talk, I suggest all you professional and closet baristas kick your practice into high gear, as it’s just about time for the Prairies Regional Barista Championship. Check their site, here, or follow along on twitter for more updates as we get closer to the August 7th competition day in Calgary. *Applicants must be in before July 15th, and it will cost you $75.
  • I figured it was only a matter of time before chefs started suing BP for the loss of seafood. “Much of plaintiff’s business is based on the unique quality of Louisiana seafood, as well as the chain of delivery of that resource from the initial harvester (be it fisherman, oyster grower or shrimper),” Pollack wrote. “Because this chain of delivery can not be maintained, plaintiff’s business has been, and continues to be, materially damaged.” I have to say I’m glad it’s coming from a local Chef (Susan Spicer) and not some random chef in the middle of Nebraska. No offense to Nebraska or those who cook there, I just don’t think it would seem as meaningful.
  • With Anthony Bourdain’s new book Medium Raw, which is billed as a followup to his infamous Kitchen Confidential, hitting store shelves recently; a flurry of promotional interviews and such as flooded the media world. Take this recent interview from The Guardian as just one sample. If you like his books, and shows, I dare saw you should probably like his interviews. Have a quick look around and you’ll find more.
  • While the aroma that sits in the homestead kitchen can be pretty damn sexy, I don’t think I can get that across in pictures. Hopefully this first picture does a bit of justice.

  • It looks like crepes are about to join Whyte Ave’s epicurean offerings. I imagine the addition of Crepeworks (which is also located in West Edmonton Mall) will be a hit in the summer, but I wonder how it will stand up in the seemingly endless cold we so often find ourselves in.

  • There were some ghetto hotdog buns taking up some space on the homestead counter this week, so I put them to use for two hungry bodies. Slicing up the buns, I added some great havarti cheese and soft fried eggs turning them into a tasty, and quick snack.

  • No Reservations is just back next Monday!!! The new season will start in the Caribbean; a place you can imagine is full of relaxation and seafood.

Enjoy the weekend, and play safe. And a late Happy Canada Day to you and yours!

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    • We should have totally talked about Fork Fest at Valerie’s and maybe a few of us could have cracked a time to meet.

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