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Elm Café
#100, 10140 – 117 St.
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To say I’ve been dreaming about Elm Café for over a year is probably a lie. Yet that doesn’t mean I wasn’t picturing myself at whatever establishment Nate Box, former Sugar Bowl jack of all trades, was going to create. With a change of plans here, and a change of plans there, the planets finally in June and gave way to this wonderful coffee and light fare bistro destination.

With some great end of the day conversations during the final stages of building, I was excited when he informed me he was taking the leap, and the flight, to Vancouver to bring 49th Parallel Coffee to this city. From what I gather, the bean order will go in one day, be roasted the next and then be available to us (the customers) within the next few. A positive product turnaround indeed. And with some crazy technology, invented by monks on the moon (OK I made that part up), you never have to worry about the coffee beans starting to deteriorate before you have time to grind everything up at home.

There really isn’t much to say about Elm that hasn’t already (just Google and you’ll see), but I’ll give you my take. The space is small, think IKEA small, but it makes up for this with atmosphere, even featuring pieces of artwork from locals! A couple of stools are available for you to sip away on your espresso, while a few benches outside offer a bit more room to stretch out and linger. The sandwich options, made fresh daily, will be offered in a morning and lunch/afternoon rendition. That is, if they aren’t sold out! With such a little space, it’s also great to see you’ll have the option of a hot and cold version of either sandwich rendition.

Dessert, or maybe just a sweet snack, comes in the form of muffins from Duchess Bake Shop. A relationship that I hope continues to grow as support for local establishments, farms and suppliers is important to a local food culture. If you find yourself down town, or like me, silly enough to drive from the south side, I highly recommend a visit to Nate and his Elm Cafe. If nothing else, you’ll leave with a belly full of high quality food, a mouth full of delicious coffee, and a mind full of friendly conversation. Nice work Nate! Welcome back to the city.

8 thoughts on “Elm Café – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. I want to know what goes on in that stainless steel appliance marked Cayenne looks awesome!. Nice review and best on the new digs Nate

    • Elm hasn’t even hit their first month anniversary yet, so I’m assuming you are referring to your first visit to Sugar Bowl. Either way, I do suggest making a visit to see Nate.

  2. I love Duchess Bake Shop but that’s an interesting comment about “support for local establishments, farms and suppliers.” I saw one of the owners of Duchess at a Roxy showing of “Hey Ladies” and as part of her interview she mentioned that they fly in some stuff to put in their pastries (ex. butter from New Zealand because Canadian butter has too much water I believe)

    • Very interesting indeed Diane. I don’t imagine many shops will be able to locally source their entire selection, but it’s good to see partnerships with fellow establishments being formed.

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