Frying Chicken At Home

It has been a bit of a crazy, and overly dramatic week around here, so my typical queue of posts is actually now just a list of pictures and stories to work on. I’ll get on it, I promise. I figured what better way to start, than with this recent fried chicken experimentation. I’m not much of an at-home deep fryer, preferring instead to go with simpler, safer, and quite frankly less odorous forms of cooking.

Chicken Hearts & Spices

Don’t get me wrong, deep frying does give you some fantastic results, and isn’t as greasy as many folks would think when it’s done right. Yet, if any of you ever worked at McDonald’s in your youth, you’ll know the smell that a vat of 350-375 degree oil will leave on everything. But, and it’s a big but (think Sir-Mix-A-Lot big), that doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally fill a pot with oil and go for it. More often than not, this sort of thing goes down in the summer, as it gives me the freedom to open the windows and let everything waft outdoors to entice the local animals.

Fry Baby, Fry!

Now though, let’s get back to this adventure and my belly full of home fried chicken. Not just any fried chicken mind you…KFC spiced chicken. I called in a favour you see, which left me as the lucky recipient of The Colonels herbs and spices. That’s right; a container of those 11 secret ingredients for my very own creations! How awesome is that.

Hearts o'Goodness

I had originally planned to create my very own Gourmet Double Down, and probably still will once I track down the appropriate ingredients, as I can only imagine how good it will be with double smoked bacon, a few slices of great cheese. Yum! Having created my own Canadian version (here), I was excited to learn that we actually won’t have to wait much longer as we should see the Double Down come north in October.

Some Darker, Some Lighter

I’m getting off topic again, my bad. Heating up a pot of oil, I tried my best with the small pot to maintain 350-375 degrees. While I waited for the heat to balance out, I pulled the chicken from its milk bath, where it had spent a night, and dumped a good amount of spices into a paper bag. A quick dab of the meat to take off excess moisture and I was soon dancing around the chicken. Shaking a big bag of chicken, and spices meant that spices went everywhere as I forgot the bottom of brown bags isn’t air tight. Oh well. I probably needed to sweep the floor anyways!

I had sliced the chicken into nugget, and strip sized pieces in hopes to keep the fry time under 5 minutes and it worked like a charm. The chicken pieces, and the chicken hearts, remained moist and stayed relatively grease free (something that was easy to tell by the lack of grease on the dinner plates). While there was no skin (not too many dark meat fans around the homestead), the chicken definitely had that KFC flavour and make for a fantastic treat. So fantastic, that I’ve now fried up 3 batches on 3 different days!

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    • Haha. No point in letting the good stuff go to waste. Like any good restaurant, you just have to include a bit of the older oil in with the new stuff!

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