Mohave Grill – Red Deer, Alberta

Mohave Grill (take 2)
6608 Orr Drive
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With it’s proximity to the Red Deer office, Mohave Grill seems to be a fairly common destination for those working in the area. In fact, during last week’s trip to Red Deer, and subsequent return meal to the restaurant, it seems that some Red Deer based employees have actually worked their way through the entire menu. Egad!

My previous visit (here) was for supper, and saw only a handful of people in the restaurant. This however, was for lunch, and the locals made quick work of every available seat. Always the early birds (it’s better to dine at 11:50 than high noon) our group of 7 was easily placed before the rush. I pulled my camera out and looked for reactions; without everyone aware I’m about to take pictures, it can make for an interesting impression. Lucky for me, everyone was game and more than willing to wait a minute while I snapped away.

Mohave Cheese Steak

Cajun Cranberry Chicken Salad

Atlantic Lobster Fettuccini

The table started strong with each person ordering something different, but meals 6 and 7 followed suit with 5 giving us a trio of one plate. With more of a business focus to this meal, I can’t tell you much about everyone’s offerings as the comments were minimal, but I can tell you a few things. The Mohave Cheese Steak was pretty pathetic; a few slices of deli meat topped with a chincy (is that a word?) serving of peppers and processed cheese means this isn’t something to order again. The Cajun Cranberry Chicken Salad and the Mango Salsa Chicken Ensalada were quite good. The mixed bag of lettuce offerings, and healthy selection of toppings in both salads provided a great base for moist chicken. The Mango Salsa salad was topped by jerk chicken, which was considerably hotter than anything I’ve had in some time. As someone who likes heat, I was actually taken aback by the heat and soon found my entire mouth on fire. This was also not a flavourful heat, just pure heat for the sake of heat.

Mango Salsa Chicken Ensalada

Jack Daniels BBQ Burger

A brief talk led me to believe that the Atlantic Lobster Fettuccini was ordered for two reasons; 1) it was just about the most expensive meal, and 2) it had the word lobster in it. I suppose that someone always picks the top menu item though. The only thing I heard about this dish was that it was quite bland. Finally, the Jack Daniels BBQ Burger, which showed up a few minutes after everyone else seemed to be enjoyed, and I was told that the chicken actually had a slight char taste from the grill.

With this being a business lunch, I can say that nothing really (except for the hot hot salad) stuck out in anyones mind. The plates on this occasion like my previous, were average, with flavours that weren’t about to challenge or offend anyones taste buds. I have a feeling that with its close proximity to the Red Deer office, this safe restaurant will continue to provide a backdrop for many meal-time meetings.