The Week That Was And Is – July 16th, 2010

For some reason, it seems like the summers solstice was just a few days back. Yet, we are now staring at the middle of July and I’m starting to wonder where the summer has gone. The one good thing about July, is that brings me closer to my San Francisco trip. Which means I suppose it’s time to buckle down and get my plans sorted out…..

  • I had my very first peak at one of our newest restaurants during the Al Fresco on 104th Street party back in June. Called MRKT, I was quite sad to find that the initial hours meant I would have to make a lunch visit to partake; something that isn’t possible from my work. Until the supper hours start, I’ll just have to keep looking at visits by my fellow citizens. Liane & Jen from The Edmonton Journal (here), and The Brulee Blog (here).
  • Making mayonnaise at home is not only easy, but oh so delicious. Don’t believe me, check out The Celiac Husband for a quick run down. Now go work on those forearm muscles!
  • Not one to stray away from the unusual, as you can tell from my recent KFC spiced deep-fried chicken hearts, you probably won’t be surprised that I can’t wait to try more versions. Like say, this
  • Even without the post being food related, I have to say that I quite enjoyed Maki’s recent vacation slash camping experience with the family. Do have a read, and tell me the desperate housewives comments don’t make you smile.
  • In another shining moment, showcasing what crazed fast food restaurants are willing to create, Carl’s Jr. is testing a foot-long hamburger. That’s right folks, the term foot-long is no longer tied to hot dogs. “The “footlong” is three patties sitting fat-to-gristle in a hoagie bun. (If you had to hand us a heart attack in a sack, Carl’s Jr., at least you could have impressed us with a lengthy burger patty.)
  • After the note above, I just wanted to point out that not all evil fast food creations are as easy to spot. Take for example the new renovated salads from Wendy’s; Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, the Baja Salad, the Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad and the BLT Cobb Salad. “Let us look first at the Baja Salad..which has..740 calories — or 200 more than the widely reviled Double Down Sandwich that KFC introduced earlier this year. The salad also has 47 grams of fat, 17 grams of saturated fat and 1990 milligrams of sodium”.
  • “For the past three years, the wild lands north of Seattle have played host to the Burning Man of food: Burning Beast. Featuring many of Seattle’s finest chefs, teams prepare an animal, vegetable and/or sea creature using earth, fire, steel and little else”. EPIC!
  • Monday’s gathering of photographers was to include a pot luck, and the bread below was just one sample. As it so happened, the rain came and canceled the pot luck which left me as the lucky recipient of Chocolate Babka Bread. Thanks Tamara.

  • Finally, the Travel Channel update. No Reservations saw Tony touching base with people through out the Heart Land of America. With a speaking tour (which also saw Tony hit up Calgary earlier in the year), that allowed him to stop in cities he might not normally visit, this collection of clips shows that not all of the worlds gems are in New York or LA. This week’s Man v. Food, saw Adam attempt the Ultimate Slider Challenge in Phoenix. This five pound platter contains 12 sliders made up of a biscuit, potato pancake, cheese, and en entire order of onion strings. Only one person has ever completed the Ultimate Slider Challenge!

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  1. *snort* haha 😉

    That bubka looks sinfully delicious. Does Tamara have a recipe posted anywhere for it? My teeth are zinging just seeing all that chocolate inside!!!

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