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I knew that even without a food theme, I couldn’t just let last week’s photo-extravaganza pass without making a mention. It all started when Sarah volunteered the two of us to model for a group of local photographers who enjoy working with and pushing each other to hone their craft. Or in their words; Fast Track Groups are local groups of like-minded photographers (and creatives!) who embrace the Fast Track Philosophy that we grow best as photographers (and as people) by helping and supporting each other. Because of this, we sometimes call these groups “FEO”s, which stands for: “For Each Other”.

So, now that we are all up to speed, I’ll start by telling you how it was supposed to go down. A nice, tummy filling potluck, in one of Edmonton’s best parks, Hawrelak, was to start the night and give the photographers enough energy to feed their creativity. Unfortunately, the rain, which isn’t exactly conducive to pot-lucks or outdoor shooting, decided to show up and dominate the night. Lucky for us, it turned out the drive to shoot was not hampered by wet clothes and we spent the next two hours running around in the rain. Fantastic to say the least, I loved this experience! Thank you everyone.

Bruce Clarke – Moments In Digital
Linda Patterson – Timeless Edge Photography
Rob Trudeau – Pic Your Angle Photography
Lorraine Stephanyshyn – Lorraine Marie Fotography w/ Alora
Paul Patterson – Paul Patterson Photography
Morris Chirka – Morris Chirka Photography
Bill Hill – C.W.Hill Photography
Sandra Der

If I missed anyone, let me know and I’ll edit the list!

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