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Boston Pizza, a restaurant that would rarely fall onto my dining radar these days. Yet there I found myself, sitting, waiting, and trying to filter the commotion of parents and children running wild. Why you may ask was I there? It just so happens that Sarah’s little brother was partaking in his third Artstrek in Red Deer. Billed as a theatre school like no other, it only made sense to drive down and see the little (or should I say tall) guy participate in the public share day.

Arriving just before noon, we found ourselves able to grab a table right away as it seemed the lunch rush hadn’t hit. The incoming mass exodus of camp students nearby would have been enough to fill the restaurant, but with the rain canceling soccer tournaments left and right, we were soon swimming amongst the masses!

Without a serious food focus in the group, ordering was straight forward in the group and started with Sarah’s younger brother who’d been feed camp food all week. As a rather plain eater, he went with Medium Pepperoni Pizza. I think this was just about perfect for him. I always forget how greasy these pan style pizzas are, and this version was no different; although I suppose it doesn’t help when I can compare it back to back with Famoso and their thin style pies.

Sarah’s Mom decided to order off the Delicious Alternatives menu by going with the Pollo Pomodoro Linguini; A half order of whole wheat linguini tossed in our signature pomodoro sauce with diced chicken breast, wok-steamed red and green peppers and red onion.  She also added a slice of garlic bread. I’m pretty sure this was a bad meal, as two-thirds of the way in, the dish was pushed aside in search of pepperoni pizza.

Drummer Man kept things more manageable. Ordering a Zorba, The Greek vegetarian pizza, he added an extra serving of spicy chicken. I wonder if vegetarians cringe when someone throws meat on 😉 There didn’t seem to be anything notable about this dish and from what I gathered, this is one of Drummer Man’s more common Boston Pizza choices. From my side of the table, I thought it looked colourful.

Sarah and I decided to split two orders, and decided on two new options; Chicken Stromboli and Spicy Garlic Chicken Pizza. Basically two pizzas in different form; we figured both options would allow for an easier job of splitting. The chicken stromboli was pretty bad. The pizza dough on the bottom seemed quite gummy on the inside, and reminded me of uncooked dough. To add insult to injury the cheese and chicken were quite segregated, and Sarah ended up with all but a fraction of the cheese in her piece while I got the chicken.

The Spicy Garlic Chicken Pizza was neither spicy or garlicky (sp?), even though you might think it would be from the name and description; Looking for a hint of garlic and Szechuan flavour, but without the extras? Try this – our original crust topped with a garlic Szechuan sauce, pizza mozzarella, spicy tender chicken breast, green and red peppers. Finished with sesame seeds and green onion. It was quite greasy compared to the stromboli, and the roasted peppers actually made the entire pizza taste candied. Far too sweet for my liking.

Dessert was passed by all but Sarah’s mom, who had Sticky Toffee Pudding, and brother, who had Chocolate Brownie Addiction. The pudding wasn’t even close to what we had recently at The Dish, but then again, I imagine the pastry bottom is brought in and warmed on site. It seems that brownie’s are the standard choice for Sarah’s brother, and I think after a week away at camp, this decadent treat did the job nicely; although, I couldn’t figure out why the used such a large plate.

Another average meal, at another average Boston Pizza. With nothing out of the ordinary, and flavours that lean towards generic, I can think of a zillion other places to catch up with Sarah’s family. Lucky for us though, nothing was a disaster, and it provided a nice enough backdrop for a little family bonding.

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  1. “Feed the masses, eat with the classes”. That might be Mr. Treliving’s mantra. I doubt he eats his own Pizzas very often….

  2. Funny, the pollo pomodoro is one on my rotation whilst “dining with non-foodies” as one of the more palatable of the BP’s dishes! That being said, everything in a restaurant like this falls short of home cooked culinary genius and the multitude of delightful local spots we are so lucky to have in Edmonton. 🙂

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