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Moxie’s Classic Grill
1739 102 St
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A last minute change of plans last week meant that GR’s birthday would have to be celebrated after the fact. I think we could have managed to maintain our original game plan with your average everyday hiccup, but leaving the city for work meant it was impossible. Lucky for everyone involved, GR was still interested in celebrating once we got back and we set to work making a date.

With everyone back on board, and a new date set, GR and I popped into Road Runner’s SUV and we were soon making tracks from Nisku to Edmonton. Arriving into South Edmonton Common safe and sound, GR’s birthday wish had us walking up to the doors of Moxie’s Classic Grill. Being that this was my first time visit to this location, I was taken aback by the décor. More modern than any other Moxie’s I’ve been too, I can’t help but think they are stepping up their game to compete with the nearby Joey’s, Keg, and Earl’s.


With no option for table of six on the patio, we settled into a large round table inside, ordered our drinks and waited for our fellow birthday revelers. While the restaurant seemed to have matured, I found most of the classic dishes still present, with everything from spare ribs to med-dip. I wonder if it’s a case of, you can take the Moxie’s out of the chain-look, but not the chain-food out of Moxie’s.

Lobster & Brie Grilled Cheese on Sourdough

Road Runner was craving Bruschetta from back when we first planned this meal, so it was no surprise to see an order quickly appear on the table; even before our fellow dinners arrived. Warm and buttery, the garlic bread provide a good (although quite moist) base for a refreshing bite of oil, tomato and garlic. There was also a hint of heat which was supplied by from my good friend jalapeno. Good thing no body has significant others at work though, because our breath could scare off vampires.

Shanghai Noodles

Soon enough, we saw the arrival of No Work Sue, followed by Tank and Dozer. GR started her birthday meal with something she’s fallen in love with; Brie & Lobster Grilled Cheese on Sourdough. Served along side a feta and cranberry salad, this ooey gooey sandwich was full of shredded lobster (canned?) and sounded like the perfect birthday lunch. I have to say, I love when people find a dish they truly adore, as their faces light up after digging in.

Coconut Curry Rice Bowl

No Work Sue went for the Shanghai Noodles with chicken at a medium heat. Described as sautéed in a ginger-garlic sauce with shiitake mushrooms, shanghai noodles, baby bok choy and julienne vegetables, it seemed to go over quite well. The wait staff had made mention that hot is too hot for everyone so it’s better to go with mild or medium. What a strange thing to say.

Roasted Beet & Arugula Salad

With the bruschetta craving out of the way, Road Runner dug into the Coconut Curry Rice Bowl. Also picking a medium heat level, the dish arrived in a very stately manner. Choosing shrimp for the protein; there didn’t seem to be any complaints. The naan bread that accompanied the order looked a bit sketchy, but I was told that warm bread is never a bad thing.


With all the talk of goat cheese around the homestead, I was inspired by one of Sarah’s permanent cravings, and decided to go with the Roasted Beet & Arugula Salad. The dish arrived rather plain jane, and I couldn’t help but notice a lack of golden beets. In fact there wasn’t a whole lot of beets to begin with. The greens were fresh and the goat cheese was creamy, but all of the toasted pine nuts ended up at the bottom of the plate. The accompanying crisps were really unnecessary, but provided a little something extra to snack away on. Not bad, but not what was advertised, especially for this guy who loves beets!

Tandoori Salmon Salad

Tank went with the ever classic Clubhouse and gave it a thumbs up. I have to agree that anytime you get real cheese, and real turkey, you are setting yourself up for a good base. On top of that it was on multi-grain bread which is always good in my books. The one downside seemed to be the tomatoes, which he ended up removing from the sandwich. Dozer went with the Tandoori Salmon Salad, which ended up looking pretty rough. The tandoori rubbed salmon filet looked like a blob sitting there in it’s shiny glory. Combined with melted brie naan bread, this concoction seemed to garner mixed results.

Bite of Brownie

White Chocolate Brownie

Dessert was a given with the birthday occasion, and after mentioning it to the wait staff, GR was brought out a bite sized version of their ever popular White Chocolate Brownie. This is one dessert that I hear people talk about all the time, so it didn’t surprise me to see the full sized version also ordered. Billed as the ultimate dessert encounter, the famous brownie has white and dark chocolate folded into the base and is finished with french vanilla ice cream, real whipped cream and warm chocolate sauce. I’ve found the brownie to be hit or miss in regards to it’s freshness, but both of these versions seemed warm and moist.

TV's & Fireplaces in Bathroom? Sign Me Up!

Being my first visit to Moxie’s in some time, and my first to this location, I have to say I was impressed. The food was better than average chain, in both quality and presentation. Our bills came with a funny, and unexplained, discount, so I’m not sure what happened there. Although my pictures, and a tweet (that was replied to by Moxie’s while I was dining) maybe have had something to do with it. All in all the meal worked out pretty good, and allowed a group of friends to celebrate a birthday in comfort.

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  1. My work buddies and I used to frequent the westend Moxies often. I always found their food good and the atmosphere nice. For a chain, I much prefer them over Earls.

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  3. A friend and I go to that Moxies whenever we want to catch up, which ends up being ever 2 months or so. I have never once had a bad meal or bad service. The drinks are amazing, especially the Blue Hawaiian, and we always share the Med Bread. I try to have a different main everytime, but I always have the stick toffee pudding.

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