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I’m sure that some of you out there in food land are guilty of ordering a veggie burger at a fast food joint. Am I right, or am I right? I should say there is nothing wrong with that, so please don’t feel down because I used the word guilty. I actually figured with the summer season on us, this was a perfect time to head out and see what’s available in the market place. Having very little experience in this genre of burger, I’m happy to take one for the meat eaters.

Billed as The Last Great Hamburger Stand, I thought Fatburger would be a great place to start. With a part diner, part fast food feel, Fatburger is definitely about meat. From the 2.5oz Baby Fat to the 24oz Triple King, you won’t be able to hide from the massive quantities of meat here. Yet there I was, at the counter, nervous as I heard the cashier yell my fellow customers orders to the staff in the back, who then repeat the order back. This would mean my veggie burger order, would be easily heard by everyone. “VEGGIE BURGER”


With my order made, and no meat or gun-toting dinosaur coming out to shoot me, I sat down in the take-out corral and waited a few minutes. I have to say I actually like the concept of Fatburger. You aren’t going to come here for any other reason, and I think we really need more destination places. If you don’t want a chicken, veggie, or meat loaded bun, you really don’t have a reason to venture down. Ok, maybe for a milk shake! They proudly advertise always fresh, never frozen beef, which is a good start to a successful burger. Although I couldn’t help notice the grill employee pressing down on the patties with spatula every minute or so *shakes head* Newb.

After being handed my takeout bag, I was surprised by the heft. It seemed quite heavy for a veggie burger, and after pulling it from the bag I could see why. It was huge! A soft, fresh, and toasted whole wheat bun hid a good selection of fresh toppings, and two great tomato slices. The patty itself was thin, or should I say, that with the heavy feel of the burger, I figured the patty would be larger. With all the bean, mushroom, and soy protein burgers that I’m used to, I was surprised to see the patty embedded with corn, peas, carrots and green beans.

The bun itself was great, and the toasted interior did a great job of stopping any excess juices from soaking in too quickly. Tearing off a piece of the patty to sample straight up, left me with a spice flavouring, instead of the typical meaty umami flavour. Eating as the burger as whole, I was disappointed to say the patty disappeared in the mix and became undistinguishable. As well, for whatever reason, the patty started to fall apart and separate; it definitely didn’t like to be in a patty shape.

The damage for this burger was just over 6 bucks, making it on par with other sandwiches at Fatburger. The burger itself has a great base to work with, and includes a good portion of free and fresh toppings. It’s just too bad the patty is so nondescript once tucked inside your classic Alberta summer treat.

15 thoughts on “Fast Food Veggie Burger #1 – Fatburger

  1. From the various veggies burgers I’ve sampled over the years, I have to say Fat Burger was one of my favourites. I think mostly because it wasn’t your typical non desrcript mush of mushrooms and other ‘veggie’ stuff. I look forward to seeing the other options you discover!

  2. Red Robins has a pretty kick ass veggie burger….
    And as a meatatarian… I do like my veggie burgers every now and then…. mmmm corn.

  3. But ooohhhhh how good the milkshakes are!!!!! I’ve been told they are made with Real Ice cream. UMMMMMMMMMMMM good.

  4. Have you tried the Famous Veg burger at Blue Plate Diner?
    It is hands down, the most delicious veggie burger I have ever tasted. I am a true Alberta girl who loves beef, but I honestly don’t miss it when I order that burger.

    • I definitely have had the Blue Plate Diner veggie burger, and I have to agree that it is awesome. Hopefully I’ll be able to conquer some restaurant versions after this adventure.

      • Yes, I suppose it isn’t really Fast Food, but its so good I had to mention it. Good luck on your quest. I look forward to reading more!

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  6. High Level Diner’s veggie burger is still my fave. Grainy and messy and filling, but I think the magic is in the beet relish.

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