Fast Food Veggie Burger #2 – Harvey’s Restaurants

Harvey’s Restaurants
10350 34 Ave
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Located on the busy strip that is 34th Ave and Calgary Trail, this Harvey’s location is one I pass by on a daily basis. And seeing as how I have fond memories of my first decent fast food veggie burger from this company, I figured it fit perfectly into my fast food veggie burger hunt.

Opting for drive-thru, my lack of recent Harvey’s experience had me forgetting that all of their burgers are made to go and I’d be sitting for a few minutes. I do like that you can select whatever toppings you want, and besides the more common items like pickle, tomato and mustard, you better believe I was adding some hot peppers!

Just like Fatburger, the Harvey’s veggie burger is served on a whole wheat bun. I’m not sure what the mentality behind this is, but I can just picture executives in an office; hmmmm, vegetarians don’t like white bread right..serve them whole wheat! The bun was nicely toasted and tasted fresh, although a quick warm up can make most bread seem fresh. The toppings were crisp and cool, and tucked inside a considerably more manageable package; think, no juice running down to your elbow. The veggie patty looked more like a regular patty, and tasted really damn good. This burger had that umami flavour that I was missing out on at Fatburger; I almost forgot it was a veggie burger. Almost.

With Fatburger’s version ringing in the mid 6 dollar ranger, this mid 4 dollar burger is clearly smaller. But don’t let that fool you, it packs a bunch. Made fresh, and however you’d like it, this meaty vegetarian burger easily steps out of the shadow of the larger, and blander Fatburger. 2 burgers in, and Harvey’s is leading the way.

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