Scott Kelby’s Third Annual World Wide Photo Walk

Last Saturday, Sarah and I headed down to the University of Alberta to partake in Scott Kelby’s Third Annual World Wide Photo Walk. From what I gather, this year saw 1111 different photo walks, and 33,486 people taking pictures all over the world. Edmonton  saw three groups, with Sarah and I participating in a group led by local photographer Bruce Clarke.

It was quite the experience to see 50 photographers ready to descend on the university campus, and could see how intimidating this kind of scene would be for celebrities. I’m sure my fellow photographers ranged from relative newbies to well seasoned veterans, but the sheer amount of gear leads me to believe there was a lot more of the latter. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a morning, as walking around with Sarah for 2 hours on an absolutely gorgeous day felt very relaxing.

If I have one critique, it’s the spread-like-a-wildfire mentality that started when Bruce shot the proverbial gun. Instead of a group walking around, little collections (1-4 people) were seen all over. I wasn’t looking for guidance when I say this, but I have a feeling that moving as a group (even slightly larger 8-10) would have allowed more people to open up, learn, and network. I found a similar frustration during the way, as I overheard one person say, ‘I can walk around by myself any day’.

With all of the walkers allowed to submit one photo, I can’t wait to see how our world looked on this day when the final collection is put together. Thanks again Bruce! (Sarah’s pictures here)

2 thoughts on “Scott Kelby’s Third Annual World Wide Photo Walk

  1. Great pictures!

    I wasn’t sure if there such event in Vancouver but, in general, I tend not to go in groups. The reason is that people have different interests as well as people might go in a different pace. As a result of this, you will feel the pressure of either catching up or awaiting for people in the group, specially if there is a time constrain. If I was with somebody whom I won’t mind be along (in your case, Sarah), to repeat what you mentioned, you can do that the whole day… But, then again, this wasn’t necessarily the intent, instead…

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