The Week That Was And Is – July 30th, 2010

The last week of July in Edmonton has brought with it sunshine and food. From the Taste of Edmonton, to Capital Ex, to this weekend’s Heritage Festival, you’d have a hard time not finding something to put in your belly!

  • Why not make a stop down at the City Market tomorrow for the Cook Book Festival. Chefs will be creating dishes based on local ingredients and producers.  Sarah and I will be down volunteering from 10-12, so come say hi!
  • Sharon announced the winner of her 2nd annual Wild Boar and Beer BBQ Scavenger Hunt. Nicole Nytchay will be receiving two tickets to the event which takes place on August 8th. Contact Slow Food Edmonton for information about getting your own tickets.
  • Kraft has partnered with Edmonton’s Food Bank for an event on August 14th at the West Edmonton Mall. The Kraft Peanut Butter Bears ‘Smoothie’ and ‘Crunchy’ will be on site sharing free hugs to everyone who visits between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. For every hug that ‘Smoothie’ and ‘Crunchy’ receive, Kraft will donate one 500g jar of peanut butter to Edmonton’s Food Bank in an effort to help relieve hunger within the city. Anyone who can’t make it out in person, can still support the cause by clicking here to send a virtual hug. Kraft hopes to generate enough hugs to donate up to 7,500 500g jars of Kraft Peanut Butter to Edmonton’s Food Bank. Last year Edmontonians were hugely supportive and easily surpassed the goal of 5,000 hugs! We’re hoping this year we can give even more to Edmonton’s Food Bank.
  • Campaigns are running wild in town, so don’t forget that as part of Mr. Mikes 50th anniversary, the chain is launching Mikeburger Madness.  Running from July 18-August 29, the campaign donates $1 from every Mikeburger sold to local charities across BC and Alberta.
  • Ever wondered about those MRE’s (meals ready to eat) that are sent up by NASA? Turns out that, “Foods destined for Space Shuttle missions must have a shelf life of a year, and 18 months if they’ll be deployed on the International Space Station. Of the roughly 65 foods currently available for stocking spacecraft and deemed really palatable by NASA taste panels, 10 will lose their appeal within a year — turning off-color, mushy or tasteless, she reported. By the end of five years, Perchonok says, “we’re down to seven items’. While that sounds delicious and all, I’m glad to see they are looking at new packaging for future missions.
  • James Beard Award winning food writer, Josh Ozersky brings us a fantastic list of 5 things that all meat loving, barbecue addicts should take to heart.
  • What should easily become their third Guinness World Record, New York City landmark restaurant, Serendipity 3, has created a $69 hot dog, known as The Serendipity Foot-Long Haute Dog. The Haute Dog will be topped with medallions of duck foie gras with black truffles, caramelized Vidalia onions, heirloom tomato ketchup and, of course, mustard (Dijon, with black truffles).
  • Made my way down to Luzzara last Saturday to check on traffic after a flattering Edmonton Journal article. It’s good to see more focus on the east section of Whyte, and it sounds like foot traffic is definitely on the rise.

  • As someone who loves cottage cheese, but usually sticks with fruit (apples or berries), it’s always nice to go savory and add tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, salt & pepper. Yummer Summer!

  • I came home this week and saw a Sobey’s chicken pot pie in the fridge. Made in-house, with freshly roasted chicken, I can see this making for a relatively quick dinner. The taste was on the bland side (just like 99.9% of chicken pot pies), but with it’s flaky crust, the overall product was good.

  • I finally got around to getting Anthony Bourdain’s new book, Medium Raw, this week, and to utilize the free shipping option, I ordered Steak and Will Write For Food. They are scattered around the homestead right now and I’ve done more damage to Steak than any other, which is unbelievably good. I often wonder if I enjoy cookbooks or reference books more. Regardless, I’ll just keep ordering both.

  • Adam Richman (Man V. Food) heads to Long Island to take on the Davy Jones Locker Challenge.  This massive maritime bounty contains all types of seafood: crabs, clams, shrimp, mussels, and stuffed flounder.  This platter is over seven pounds and only one person has ever completed the challenge before. Egad! No Reservations is making a stop in Kerala, India where Tony learns about the Portuguese influence on the country; something I wasn’t too aware of. A great week at Travel Channel to say the least.

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  1. About 100 pages into Bourdain’s book, I’m a tad underwhelmed. Hoping for a better read ahead.

    • We must have just missed each other, I had to run back to my parking meter and then fill my belly. It was a great day for the cooking displays.

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