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Sarah once told me of a coworker who attempted to eat the entire family line up (as a dare), and while I don’t remember if he conquered the mission, I doubt there was a veggie burger in the pile. I started to wonder who planned out the menu for this dare, because really, any good and wholesome family should have a vegetarian in it right. Figuring as much, I took a trip over to the land of A&W to see what was on the menu. Lucky for those who are looking, the W (the dub) as my family always called it, offers vegetarians the Swiss Veggie Deluxe.

Like the Harvey’s burger, this option rings in under $5 making the sandwich a deal compared with Fat Burger. If you can’t see on the receipt above, I decided to take the Swiss cheese off the burger. All of this was in hopes of making it a more even playing field, because really, how often does cheese not make something better.

Starting with the bun, it was soft and warm. Similar to my previous samples, A&W apparently joined the veggie bandwagon kool-aid parade and also went with wheat. The nutritional guide says light wheat though, so don’t go counting loads of fibre just yet. Toasted, but not noticeably, the biggest visual difference came in the layout, as this was the first to have toppings on both the bottom and top bun. The patty, which lists water  and then mushrooms as the top two ingredients, was meaty and herby (sp?). I don’t know if this makes sense, but my first bite reminded me of a herb ciabatta bun.

My first bite brought with it the entire piece of lettuce, but I have no doubt that it wasn’t going to add much besides texture. The patty looked more ‘veggie’ than Harvey’s, so the average meat eater might not like the looks of this. Although it’s still quite a bit meatier than looking than the Fat Burger salad patty. The overall taste was good. The patty was flavourful, and with mushrooms so high on the ingredient list, I think it had great depth. As someone who rarely eats fast food, it looks like finding a winner on the veggie hunt may be harder than I thought.

2 thoughts on “Fast Food Veggie Burger #3 – A&W Restaurants

  1. I just recently discovered that A&W now offers a veggie burger and I agree it’s a good one. I think they must have be one of the last holdouts but it’s become my favorite. I always ask for the teen burger sauce as that was the best part of that burger. I also like that it is not a thick pattie. It doesn’t have a meaty texture, in fact it is quite soft, but this is a plus for me. I just wish I could find out who their supplier is so I can buy them and make them at home. So far I haven’t found any in the stores that I really like.Most are too large and thick, probably trying to mimic a beef burger. The closest would be Yves bistro tomato and basil.

  2. Must say, The veggie burger must be A&W’s worst product ever, it only sells about 5-10 a week on good weeks, sometimes i’ve seen it not even sell for 2 weeks straight, In all honesty its just not worth even having on the menu. Unlike the cookies which where discontinued (well, at least that’s what I heard) which sold way over top the veggie, This makes no sense.

    Bring back the danm coookiesss =/

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